Monday, November 22, 2010

Music Video Monday: Natalie Merchant

Today is the anniversary of the tragic fate of President John F. Kennedy. I wanted to select a song that reflects him, his legacy, or his family, but I could not think of any. Since this is the week of Thanksgiving, the best song that comes to mind is Natalie Merchant's "Kind and Generous", in which she sings "Thank you" a zillion times. I actually played this song at the Orem RLDS Church at the conclusion of my fourth and final sermon. The elderly folks who make up the congregation did not seem to appreciate the song very much, but it was a tribute to their kindness and generosity while I was a college student. In their little ways, they made the loneliness at BYU tolerable. I honestly don't know how I could have endured BYU without the support of the church members there.

Natalie Merchant is a lady who has the kind of look that I find most attractive. If I were to say that I have a "type" that I gravitate towards, it would be the look that Natalie Merchant, Barbara Hershey, Frances O'Connor, and Janeane Garofalo have (they all look similar). I once dated a lady who looked like those women. That was freaky. Really, though, I'm an equal opportunity dater and could see myself marrying a lady of any race, but if you want to know the look that I find most attractive, it is the Natalie Merchant look.

As for the Kennedy assassination, here's what I believe: John F. Kennedy was assassinated in a Military-Industrial Complex coup d'etat because he did not want to commit U.S. troops to Vietnam while Vice President Lyndon Johnson was more willing to. Lee Harvey Oswald was the patsy fall-guy who would get the credit for the assassination, though the likely fatal bullet was fired from "the grassy knoll." I also believe that the truth about the Kennedy Assassination is told to every single president as a warning that they will do what the Military-Industrial Complex decides is in the country's best interest if they want to avoid the same fate as him. This is the only explanation that makes sense to me when contemplating why President Jimmy Carter's administration supported the unpopular Shah of Iran, why President Bill Clinton went along with standard Republican agendas like NAFTA, GATT, and the military action in Kosovo as well as sending predator drones to bomb sites in Iraq, Sudan, and Afghanistan.

And of course, liberals who are disappointed in President Obama for not closing Guantanamo Bay or getting troops out of Afghanistan, need to understand that he may not have a reasonable choice. I would much prefer to see him live to complete a full eight years in office, get a presidential library, write his memoirs, and shape his post-presidency agenda, than to see a president assassinated. I know its a compromise with "evil" forces, but what can you do? I believe a President does have some power to shape his own agenda, but when it comes to foreign policy, particularly where the military is concerned, the Military-Industrial Complex has the true power and presidents disobey at their own peril. Its not difficult to understand why they choose in favor of the M-I-C. They have children they want to see grow up, get married, and give them grandchildren. They have the promise of greater wealth for the eight years of obedient servanthood. This applies to both Democratic and Republican Presidents, and no one was a bigger whore for the M-I-C than George W. Bush.

Kennedy rightfully deserves the distinction of being known as the last president of considerable conscience. After the Bay of Pigs fiasco and how close our nation came to nuclear war with the USSR over the Cuban Missile Crisis, its understandable that Kennedy did not trust the military brass. They were the ones who wanted to do a pre-emptive strike against Cuba which would have caused an immediate retaliation by the Soviet military. If Kennedy had been president in 2003, he likely would not have invaded Iraq. If GWB was president in 1962, we probably wouldn't have existed. Nuclear war would have ensued, making the planet uninhabitable for a long time.

God bless Kennedy. He might not have been completely moral in regards to sexual fidelity, but he was moral where it counted the most: not getting our nation entangled in a costly and completely unnecessary war.


Julie said...

Your theory about the assassination is very interesting and i can see how it makes sense.
As for myself, i have no real theory for who did it or why, just a lot of agnosis.

Julie said...

"its understandable that Kennedy did not trust the military brass. "

From what i've read in a biography of RFK, this seems accurate.