Monday, November 08, 2010

Music Video Monday: Lily Allen

The Bush Revisionist History Tour begins this week with a full media blitz for his delayed novel, Decision Points. It was supposed to be published a week or two before the election, but the Republican Party was so afraid of his toxicity that they asked him or his publisher to delay release of the book until AFTER the election. Apparently, they were counting on Americans to be amnesiatic about the Bush era and did not want us to be reminded of his idiocracy and incompetence. Looks like the gambit worked (except in the Blue States of the West Coast, where the Democrats held their own against Republican challenges in the Washington Senate race, the Oregon Governor's and Congressional races, and California's Governor and Senate races). Red State America continues its love affair with the abusive Bad Party like the low-educated, abused bee-yatches that they are.

So, in (dis)honour of the worst president in U.S. History, I'm dedicating an awesome song by British pop sensation Lily Allen, who wrote the most perfect tribute song to the disasterous Boy King. I wanted to link the song to my Facebook wall, but the title will certainly offend some of my more conservative FB friends. I've already faced some flack by church members who are close friends of my parents, so I'm sure that they probably complained about my politics to my parents yesterday. It annoys me that they take issue with my political views, when they have no problem calling Hillary "Hitlery" or believing that Obama is a Muslim. My friends actually love that I'm so passionate about my views, but its also because they agree with me for the most part or they understand that politics is a deep interest for me and not just a matter of opinion. None of my conservative friends studied political science in college, so its baffling to me that they can't seem to understand that my views aren't simply a "matter of opinion" as it is for them. I've actually studied the subject in depth for several years, read plenty of political theory books and wrote numerous papers. What did they do? They watch Fox News, Glenn Beck or listen to Rush Limbaugh and think they are informed in their opinions. That doesn't cut the mustard with me, because they are simply fed propaganda and "info"tainment by liars with a hidden agenda. That they are incapable of understanding the difference between why Rush or Beck is not credible versus the informed opinions of Thomas Friedman, Paul Krugman, or David Brooks shows how ignorant they are.

I discovered recently that one Teabagger lady who loves Glenn Beck finally defriended me within the past few weeks. I'm glad. Though I respect her spiritual views and consider her daughter to be a friend, I really could not stand her political views and I think my last statement to her really must have offended her. She kept defending Glenn Beck and I kept pointing out that Glenn Beck is a phony charlatan. Its ironic that all of my Mormon friends can see through the facade of the Mormon Beck, but the evangelical types who hate Mormons are so in love with Glenn Beck. The only Glenn Beck fans I know are all conservative Baby Boomer white women, so that's a demographic that is the least compatable with me. Good riddance! If you want to be a lemming for Beck, then I don't really care to know you. I have no respect for people who like being lied to by charlatans. At some point, you have to take responsibility for your life and protect yourself from people who abuse your trust or who don't deserve your trust. If you don't respect yourself, then why should I? Beck certainly doesn't respect his followers.

Anyhow, back to Lily Allen. I love her bouncy pop. If you've never heard her songs before, she hit the U.S. music scene around 2007 or so with a hit song, "Smile." Its breezy, feel good pop. And yes, this song, despite its "offending title" ("Fuck You"), its actually pretty funny. Only Lily Allen can pull off a potentially offensive song with a bouncy, cheerful, upbeat insult to the former leader of the free world. I love her expression: "Fuck you very much". Though she does not name the person she's singing about, the lyrics make it very clear (references to his father and some of his offensive policies), and for those who have trouble reading between the lines, the song was subtitled "GWB" or "Guess Who Batman." Who else has GWB as initials? Certainly not any British Prime Minister or Member of Parliament, as some YouTube commenters have speculated on. Listen to the lyrics and have a good laugh. We could make an excellent drinking game out of Bush's media appearances, based on what we think he might say. Already, he has panned Sarah Palin and Kanye West, admitted that he authorized water torture like he was Colonel Nathan Jessup in A Few Good Men (Bush had said, "Damn right!", which echoes Jack Nicholson's famous "You goddamn right I did!" when asked if he ordered the code red), said that his failure to privatize Social Security was his biggest regret, and that being photographed in Air Force One in a flyby over Katrina-ravaged New Orleans was his "biggest mistake." Um...ordering the illegal invasion of Iraq and lying about your motives is your biggest mistake, asshole. As Lily Allen so sweetly sang, "Fuck you very much!"

I apologize if I don't sound very Christ-like or charitable or even spiritual, but I really despise everything Bush did to our country and the world. I wish we as a culture had the spiritual insight and ethical standards to demand that Bush and his administration staff face accountability for their actions, which would include treason trials and war crimes tribunals, prison terms, and even execution with a guilty verdict. I'm willing to give Bush a plea bargain if he implicates Dick Cheney as the person who was the initiator of the evil that came from his administration. I personally believe that Bush was too stupid to be the mastermind behind some of the most criminal acts of his administration. He will always be Cheney's puppet in my mind. I think it would be hilarious if someone blasted Lily Allen's song 24/7 at his house in Dallas. Ultimately, I feel sorry for Bush when he has his life review in the spiritual realm someday. If he can't face the truth of his own incompetence and how many millions of people were hurt by his administration, its going to be quite painful for him when his ego no longer exists to shield him from the truth of his disasterous life.

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Great post! Revisionist history, for sure!