Monday, October 25, 2010

Music Video Monday: MC Yogi

Someone on my Facebook friends list posted this music video to the Facebook wall. I love that aspect of Facebook because I get exposed to news items and music that I might not have ever come across. This rap song is about Mohandas Gandhi. I was shocked to hear such a positive message rap song. I mean, seriously, who would've ever thought that someone like Gandhi could become subject to a rap song?!? Rap is well known for its crass materialism, misogynistic views regarding women, and can get pretty raunchy. The rap songs I prefer have a great beat to it and clever rhyme schemes.

This one, "Be the Change", gives a basic history lesson regarding Mohandas Gandhi in a short four minutes and nineteen seconds. That is a phrase that Gandhi was best known for: "Be the change you wish to see in the world." I love this phrase and while I strive to live it each day, it is frustrating that others don't live by this advice. I know from personal experience that striving to live by the right principles doesn't often get you ahead in life. It seems that our entire economic system is designed to screw other people in your quest to get ahead. Because I don't want to be these people (such as like the managers at my last job), it makes it harder to find a job where I can have power and autonomy over my own work. I long for the day when a true meritocracy will exist, where people who are ethical and kind get promoted over those who backstab and mistreat others. I am being the change, because I do not want to be like those people that I most recently worked for. I feel sorry for them, to be so miserable and unhappy, yet doing nothing to make that office a better place.

So, please listen to this song, find inspiration, and the change you want to see in the world. Our world will change for the better when each do our part to make the changes that are necessary. The days of the old ways of being are coming to an end. Those people chasing after the wrong values will find themselves on the losing end of the forthcoming spiritual age.

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that song...awesome!

here's one you might enjoy, if you haven't heard it before: