Monday, November 01, 2010

Music Video Monday: Huey Lewis and the News

Today is the popular Mexican holiday of Dia de los Muertos, which honours the dead. I love the artistic creativity behind the whole concept, particularly the skeletons. I think skeletons just look cool (the artistic renderings, anyway). I hope this holiday increases in popularity in the U.S. That it comes the day after Halloween is convenient. Of course, this day is known as All Saints Day and Halloween stands for "All Hallow's Eve" (the eve of All Saints Day). So, let's make this a two day celebration. I prefer artistic renderings of skeletons over some of the gruesome costumes some kids wear in their door to door begging for candy.

In honour of Halloween, this week's music video is one of Huey Lewis and the News' best: "Doing It All for My Baby", which utilizes the classic "Bride of Frankenstein" story. In many of their videos, they display a tongue-in-cheek humour, which is part of the reason why I loved them so much as a teenager.

If you haven't seen this video before, please watch and be entertained. Its classic Huey Lewis and the News (particularly the ending). Speaking of this band (my favourite from 1985 to 1989), they have a new album out this month. Its their first in nine years. I'm stoked. I just recently received Johnny Clegg's new CD and listened to it over and over on the train ride to San Jose (a review will be coming later this week). What can I say about a year in which two of my favourite bands have released albums this year (three if you count Maroon 5)? Freaking awesome!

Aren't these skeletons awesome?

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