Monday, September 27, 2010

Music Video Monday: Lynyrd Skynyrd and Will to Power

I've been meaning to write posts this weekend, especially since I had a most interesting Friday, but that story will have to wait until another time. For now, let me just say that a great burden has been lifted from my shoulders. I feel free, like a bird, ready to spread my wings into a new future. So, of course, the classic song by Lynyrd Skynyrd, "Freebird" came to mind as I sang it to myself all weekend long.

This is probably the best Southern Rock song that emerged out of the 1970s. Its not only musically brilliant, but the lyrics are perfect, as well. Perfect for a free spirited person who cannot be confined by conventions, corporations, and conformists. This bird you cannot change! It's all about freedom!

I actually did not know about this song until an 80s duo named Will to Power merged two classic 70s songs into one hit single that burned up the airwaves in 1988.

That's right, I'm talking of "Baby, I Love Your Way / Freebird (Medley)." I love this song because it has the most incredible sound to it. I love that sound (still do!). Who knew that you could blend two different songs into one and maintain the same melody. Will to Power continued their signature sound with another remake two years later: "I'm Not in Love." That song kept them from being a "One Hit Wonder."

In the coming week, I will finally write my opinion on the craziness of the Republican Party with the latest media sensation, Christine O'Donnell, who I am sure has Sarah Palin in jealousy mode that she may no longer command all the attention on crazy ignorant yet beautiful Republican women. Hopefully the media will be able to manipulate a public catfight between the two ladies. If that weren't enough, the Republicans unleashed a bad sequel to their 1994's "Contract on America" (er, it was actually called "Contract With America" but I didn't sign on to that contract). The new manifesto has been much panned by the media as more of the same solutions that got our country into this economic mess in the first place. And finally, to top the insanity of it all, Republican Speaker of the House-wannabe lives up to his name in an expose to be published in the New York Times and New York Post today that he has been having an affair. Surprise, surprise. Another family values Republican politician who can't keep his marital vows. Its become such a cliche that its hardly shocking or even newsworthy anymore. Headline I'd love to see is: "John boehns his mistress." Hopefully the Republicans will continue with their certifiable freak show this week.