Monday, September 20, 2010

Music Video Monday: Celine Dion

Speaking of "schmaltzy", I happen to think Celine Dion falls under this category. While she has a great voice and I do like some of her songs, there is something about her that annoys the crap out of me.

The reason why she gets the honours this week is because of the Young Adult retreat I attended this past weekend at Samish Island in the Puget Sound. The theme was "Walk His Way" and I thought of featuring the Run DMC / Aerosmith classic collaboration: "Walk This Way." However, despite the broad theme, the guest minister, Rob, brilliantly focused on one appropriate example from the Bible: Jesus walking on water. He did such a creative job. Chairs were haphazardly arranged, which I thought was done when people left their chairs and someone had to vacuum the floor or something. The chairs were close together and facing different directions.

"Have a seat," Rob said when the morning class session got underway. He pointed to the chairs. Oh, he was serious about it. We all took a seat in a chair of our choice. Soon, we found out exactly why the chairs were arranged this way. We found this out when he took a wire scrambler out of a bowl of water and shook droplets at us, while asking us to move the chairs as though we were on a boat being rocked by waves in a storm. Fun! He described in an entertaining way that familiar story: the disciples' fear of a ghost on the water, until Peter recognizes that it's Jesus and he gets out of the boat to walk on the water towards Jesus.

That was the repeatable theme of the weekend: getting out of the boat. Taking the risk. I saw this as confirmation to go ahead with my plan (which I'm calling "Operation Voltaire"). Stepping out of the boat, rocking the boat, creating waves. To risk is to live. Or as one friend told me: "The Universe favours bold action!" The other confirmation I received was seeing an article about a BYU student who wrote an editorial criticizing his church (the LDS Church) about its political involvement in California with "Proposition H8." Since my plan involves exposing this conservative church's power over the organization I work for, I see these events as confirmation that I am doing the right thing, that I am the right person to bring this to the media's attention.

Anyhow, back to the retreat. At the Saturday evening communion service, a cool song I have never heard played as we all entered the candle-lit room and sat down. The song had an Irish lilt to it that reminded me of "My Heart Will Go On" by Celine Dion. The song even mentioned a boat. Can't remember the title or the singer, though. This song was so moving that Leah asked if she could do an interpretive dance to it. We were stunned by her perfectly choreographed dance to the song...and it was completely spontaneous!!! By perfectly choreographed, I'm not exaggerating. It was PERFECT! The spirit of God was definitely with her...and with us...that night.

Several people shared about the boats they feel "stuck in" and what they might do to get out of the boat. It was an awesome worship service. In light of the burdens I shared about work, I think the title to this song is appropriate, as well: my heart WILL go on...once I get the hell out of here. To extend the metaphor further, does the organization have to sink, first, before I get out of here?

In the winter of 1998, "My Heart Will Go On" played on the radio and MTV / VH1 constantly. In fact, I had refused to see the film Titanic, mostly for two reasons: 1) Chick flick!; and 2) I did not want to contribute towards it surpassing the box office record set by Star Wars. I was content watching the movie through the short music video and guessing what its about. However, I liked the song more and more, the more times I heard it. The music video made for an excellent trailer. When the film finally made it to the $1 theater, I decided to go see it for myself. It wasn't bad, I thought, though too long. This theme song is actually a perfect movie theme song. The melody is perfect for the mood one feels when they leave the theater.

In thinking about boats and the choice between taking a pro-active step outside the safety of the boat into the water, or waiting until it sinks, which might pull me into the deep watery grave with it...I choose to exit the boat on my own terms. The battle begins October 1st. Stay tuned!

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