Monday, September 13, 2010

Music Video Monday: Ben Harper

For this week's music video selection, I have selected an awesome song by Ben Harper, called "Burn One Down." Yes, this is in response to the crazy pastor in Gainesville, Florida, although to his credit, he did not go through with his earlier intention to burn Qur'ans on Saturday. The song, however, is not about burning Qur'ans or even books. Its about smoking marijuana, which I have actually never done. You won't find me burning one down!

I first heard this song a decade ago, when my favourite roommate and good friend Matt, sang this song while playing his guitar. Since his version is the first one I heard, I always prefer his version over Ben Harper's! Its surprising that such a straight-laced, Temple Recommend card-carrying Mormon would sing such a song like this. I don't think he's ever smoked marijuana, either. However, he's always been a liberal-minded, live and let live kind of guy, so when he sings this song, he's trying to expand people's minds. Including mine. I've long had an intolerance towards drug use. Probably as far back as elementary school, when I had to watch all those scary videos of people on drugs doing crazy things like standing on a balcony railing and falling to their deaths.

As far as Qur'an burning, as I write this I have no idea if Fred Phelps of the Westboro Baptist Church in Topeka, Kansas made good on his promise to burn some if Pastor Terry Jones did not. I'm sure there were evangelical Christians who did burn Qur'ans on Saturday, but the media did not cover it. Which only makes me wonder why someone like Terry Jones was able to command such attention last week. A dwindling church with around 50 members should not be allowed to garner such worldwide attention. Now that another 9/11 anniversary has come and gone, I hope this crazy pastor crawls back into his hole of irrelevant obscurity. His 15 minutes are over.

If you're gonna burn something...well, take it from me. Might as well "burn one down" (what Ben Harper is singing about). But don't expect me to join you.

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Anonymous said...

In thinking deeply about Jones and his threats to burn the Muslim Holy Books, it occurred to me that perhaps he may have been a pawn...a puppet....of a larger and more powerful, insidious group whose intent was to do exactly what was accomplished: stir up huge reaction world-wide, resulting even in killings in other countries. (We do know the multi-medias are such pawns and puppets.) I also believe the wily Jones left Florida on Friday because he was on a hit list. ("Do the deed and then die for it") He had received hundreds of death threats, and I have no doubt a few of them were credible and he was removed from the line of fire, either by the puppet-masters, or by his own fear of dying on 9-11. In any event, he is a coward and a disgrace. cj