Wednesday, September 29, 2010

How One Lady Managed to Boost My Blog

On Monday, I was shocked when I checked my blog's status counter. By the end of day, I had over 2,892 hits, which was a huge jump from the usual daily count of 200 to 400 hits per day. I was shocked by the substantial increase, since there's a usual consistency from day to day. What could have caused the jump?

To my surprise, nearly everyone who viewed my blog on Monday had found it using a Bing search on "Octomom". In second place, many people have also found my blog by doing a Bing search on John F. Kennedy and Carolyn Bessette's wedding. That's even more surprising to me, because why would many people be interested in that old story on Monday? It must have gotten a mention in the news or something.

As I learned, "Octomom" has been in the news lately because she is desperate for cash (surprise, surprise!) and an offer came for her to make a porn film. When I saw an article link on the Huffington Post, I glossed past it because I thought its the kind of crass news that we don't need. Its the reason why I despise our capitalist economic system. This woman needs real help and the solution offered is to make a porn film?!? How sick and twisted is that? If people read my blog, they would have learned my proposal to her financial woes. I had suggested that Rush Limbaugh should marry her because he needs a lot of unconditional love that children provide and with his millions upon millions of dollars, he would be creating good karma for himself by doing such a charitable act. However, he got married since that post and who knows how long this marriage will last.

Tuesday's blog visitors dropped down to 1,589 hits. Again, most of the hits were from people doing searches for Octomom. These two days helped push September's total hit count past the 10,000 mark (a new milestone). So, September has been a record breaker for my blog (I also crossed the 150,000 hits mark), which is ironic, since I haven't been posting as much this month. A friend of mine worried that my lack of posts was due to work, but it was actually due to the fact that since I moved into a new place, I have been falling asleep much earlier...before I get a chance to blog the next day's entry.

As I look for topics to blog about, I haven't found much that I want to say. There is one post that I'm dying to write, but that's going to have to wait a little while. For now, if you happen to come on here daily and don't see a new post, please don't be alarmed. I'm probably busy with other things or I haven't found something blogworthy to write about. Rest assured, though, that Monday and Friday will generally have a post due to the recurring features of Music Video Monday and Flashback Friday. Of course, the latest bout of crazy emanating from the Republican Party will certainly inspire a post.

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