Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Another Major Milestone

On Tuesday evening, at 9:16 P.M. Pacific Daylight Time, my blog received its 150,000th hit since I first added a tracker in May 2008. It took nearly 2 years to reach the first 100,000 hits, but only SIX MONTHS to receive 50,000 more hits. Even more amazing, the 150,000 hit, to my best calculation was someone in Sicily doing a Google search regarding my best friend Nathan's house in Bremerton, Washington. I'm not sure if its Nathan, himself, or someone who works where he works (the info on my tracker indicates that someone at the Naval Hospital at Sigonella was doing a Google search with his name in a sentence). Its strange the stuff you can learn just by looking at the tracking data. One former co-worker thought I was a little too "obsessed" with reading my tracking data for my blog. However, I learn a lot when I read it.

For example, this past weekend, there was a spike in the number of people who accessed my blog. When I checked, most of the hits were for my post about "Octomom", as many people did a Google search about her this past weekend. Odd, I thought. However, I remembered that the Huffington Post actually had an article about an offer that was made for Octomom to do a pornographic film since she has recently fallen on hard times again and is apparently unable to maintain her lifestyle (this is a no-brainer! There's a reason why humans aren't supposed to have more than a child or two at a time). I guess people are interested in that freak show. I've only written about her once, because that's all her story merited. Who cares about her financial problems?! She did it to herself, all because she probably believed that having children would fix whatever was missing in her life. I feel sorry for her children, though.

Here's to the next 100,000 hits! Looking forward to hitting 250,000. I'll predict that the number will be reached by July 2011. Hopefully sooner, though.