Sunday, August 01, 2010

Wedding Event of the Decade

Yesterday evening, the only child of former President Bill Clinton and current Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, Chelsea, was married at the Astor Courts estate in New York, overlooking the Hudson River in a beautiful evening ceremony. Since the groom, Marc Mezvinsky, is Jewish and Chelsea is Methodist, they had both a Rabbi and a Methodist minister officiate their wedding.

In case you're, I wasn't invited. I've only met Chelsea once, and briefly exchanged some nice words with her (in 2008 when she spoke at Portland State University on behalf of her mother, who was running for the Democratic nomination for president). Before that, I saw her and she smiled at me when I was given a West Wing tour of the White House one Saturday during my internship (when she was supposed to be in New York City for her mother's announcement that weekend that she was going to run for the open Senate seat in New York). Well before that, in 1992, I had sent Chelsea Clinton a letter saying how disgusted I was by the ugly comments some conservatives had made about her after her father won the election. I felt compelled to write her a letter because I was so angry upon reading the news that after Clinton had defeated Bush, many conservatives started attacking Chelsea, calling her "uglier than Amy Carter." It was one of the things that pushed me away from conservatives in the early 1990s. Obviously, they did not like the election outcome. But don't take it out on a barely teenage girl!

Sometimes, I wonder if my writing a letter to certain politicians set a karmic bond between us to the point where I eventually got to meet them. I had sent letters to Bill Clinton and Al Gore, as well, and I got to meet both men. Who knows how things work in this world? It just amazes me that a non-famous person like me, who is often "invisible" by most everyone in public, has been able to meet so many famous people. I like that aspect of my life. Its the reason why I sometimes feel a little bit like Forrest Gump, one of my favourite motion picture characters of all time (he's a lovable "idiot", unlike the one Steve Carell played in that God-awful film I reviewed on Friday).

Back to Chelsea. Yeah, she was an awkward child, but so are most everyone else. She might not have been as physically beautiful as the Gore daughters, but I would say that Chelsea has blossomed into a beautiful lady. Having met her in person, I will say that pictures do not do her justice. She really is pretty in person, but part of that could be the effect of what I call an "inner radiance." You know how it is, right? A person who is beautiful inside could affect the way others see them, despite their being perhaps plain or average looking on the outside. Conversely, there are also physically beautiful women who are so ugly on the inside that once you get to know who they really are, its hard to see their external beauty (its this reason why I don't generally find the popular, cheerleader type in high school very attractive. So many were just ugly on the inside). Chelsea is a strong character and her choice of a spouse only proves just how intelligent she is.

Chelsea met Marc Mezvinsky when both had attended Sidwell Friends school in the Washington, D.C. metro area. She was the famous "First Daughter" and his mother, Marjorie Margolies-Mezvinsky (always a fun name to say) was a Congresswoman from Pennsylvania who lost her seat in Congress during Newt Gingrich's 1994 Republican Revolution when she voted in favour of Clinton's agenda instead of her constituents' desires. Marc's father, Ed Mezvinsky, served as a Congressman from Iowa. So, you can see that they probably formed a political bond because of their dual-political career parents. But they were friends. Chelsea has had several boyfriends over the years. The last one, I didn't think was a good fit for her (he seemed like some ne'er-do-well trust fund kid). When I had read sometime last year that she was dating Mezvinsky, I was thrilled. Not that I know either of them personally. What I was cheering was the knowledge that there was actually a girl out there who can see the genuine love in a long-time guy friend and allow it to blossom into romantic love, rather than confining him in "just friends" mode forever. I don't know many women who do such a thing.

When I was at BYU, my professor for the Pearl of Great Price class told the ladies in class once: "You know the guy you consider 'just friends' with? That's the one you want to marry." Of course, it might not work in every case, but it should always be considered a possibility. That it happened for Marc and Chelsea, who've known each other more than half their lives, makes me curious how the spark came about. How does it go from "just friends" to something more? Because of this rare phenomenon, this is definitely one marriage that I hope will last for the rest of their lives. I haven't read any conservative opinions about the marriage, but I hope that they keep their sniping under control. Don't attack Chelsea just because you hate her parents.

The biggest "controversy" about the wedding is the price tag: $3.5 million!!! Jenna Bush's wedding was $100,000. Why so much? When a friend of mine told me about the cost of Chelsea's wedding and why she was bothered by it (because of the amount of people in poverty in our world and all that other liberal sensitivity), I suppose I didn't help matters much when I refused to get outraged by it. I suppose, in all fairness, I might have been more critical had the Bushes spent that amount for their daughter's wedding. So, I will fess up to perhaps having some bias that keeps me from being outraged, but that's not the only reason.

In one of the Law of Attraction series of DVDs by Jerry and Esther Hicks that I watched, a lady had asked "Abraham" (as channeled through Esther Hicks) if it was morally wrong to spend so much money on a material object, as wealthy people often do. The response was that it was wrong of us to make such judgment calls, because the money a person might "overpay" for an item actually contributes to the artist's income. People are being helped by the flow of money. The way it was explained, it made sense. So, Chelsea's wedding expenses were helping to boost the economy and keep people in their jobs as caterers, florists, event planners, wine makers, bakers, etc. What is wrong with that? The Clintons are wealthy and donate a lot to charitable causes. By spending so much on this wedding, they are making a lot of local businesses happy. I'm a believer in supporting local businesses (rather than corporations and chainstores). By supporting your local businesses, you are keeping them employed and less of a drain on our taxes through the unemployment benefit. If I had the money and the means, would I spend that much on a wedding? Heck no. But I'm not going to criticize the Clintons for their choices, either. They have the money and the means to give their daughter her dream wedding. Why rain on a bride's most important day of her life?

In other wedding related news, the off-again, on-again marriage plans of Bristol Palin and her redneck boyfriend Levi Johnston is apparently off again. Will the Palin family just disappear from public life already! They are trashier than Snooki at a Jersey Shore barbecue. At least Chelsea has class and it looks like her wedding turned out beautifully.

Congratulations, Chelsea and Marc! I wish you every happiness in the world and am glad that you allowed your friendship to grow into a deeper, romantic love. That's the best kind of marriage, I think. One that began as a friendship that became something more. I wish that for myself someday. May your marriage be a shining example of what true "family values" looks like! God bless you on your new journey through the land of matrimony.

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