Monday, August 30, 2010

Music Video Monday: Take That (again!)

When I went to see "The Oracle" earlier this month, I had mentioned that I really loved U2's song "Stuck in a Moment That You Can't Get Out of It" and that it pretty much described my life for the past decade. Her response was: "You need to get a new song."

A few weeks later, while watching music videos on YouTube, I learned that Take That had released a song in the fall of 2008, called "Greatest Day." So, I clicked on it and was blown away. The video is gorgeously shot (the band is seen atop a skyscraper in downtown Los Angeles, near the tallest skyscraper that was blown up in the 1996 film Independence Day by an enormous alien spaceship. They are awaiting the sunrise of a new day). I have no idea what inspired the song, but the release as a single in the U.K. in November 2008 could perhaps be coincidental (timed around the U.S. presidential elections when the entire world was hoping that Americans would vote for Obama). Or perhaps deliberate. Take That is not known to be political, though.

Anyhow, after hearing the song and relating to the lyrics ("This could be the greatest day of our stay close to me..."), I have found "my theme song" for this upcoming decade. In fact, during some stressful moments at work this past month, I found myself singing the song in my head. Its like a mantra: "This could be the greatest day of my life!" So, I am gladly trading in U2's awesome hit from 2000 for an uplifting, inspiring song to serve as my personal anthem. May it lead me to better things! This song will definitely play at my wedding reception someday. I will also play this on the evening of 21 December 2012 (the last day of the Mayan calendar, which has paranoids thinking it'll be the end of the world).

Enjoy! This concludes my "Boy Band" series of posts. It's back to substance now.

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