Monday, August 16, 2010

Music Video Monday: Robbie Williams

For this week's music video, I've selected a cool retro song by Robbie Williams (and actress Nicole Kidman), which is a remake of Frank and Nancy Sinatra: "Something Stupid." A week ago, British bad boy Robbie Williams finally got married. A shock! He has been quoted as saying several times over the years that he saw himself dying old and alone. He didn't think he would ever get married. He's been known to bed numerous models, actresses, girl band members, and of course, groupies. In fact, in his single "Rock DJ", he sang a line tongue-in-cheekily: "Give no head, no backstage passes." In the music video, he even acted out that gesture (putting his tongue into his cheek). This is the sort of knowing wink and witticisms that he's known for. His songs are full of irony, and perhaps why he's never found the kind of musical success in the USA as he had hoped to. He's simply too smart, too witty, too British for Americans.

The woman who managed to tame the wild bachelor, Ayda Field, is an American actress (ever heard of her? Me neither!) and claims to have "psychic ability." She supposedly foresees them as an old married couple in Australia. Why she captured his heart over all the other ladies is because he credits her for helping to turn his life around, inspiring him to be a "better man", and all those other cliches that cause everyone else to roll their eyes. I hope, for their sake, that this love is genuine and long-lasting. But, we've seen enough celebrity marriages ending in divorce to be cynical.

In a British magazine, Williams said that he gave in to her wishes for a dream wedding. He wanted a quick wedding in Las Vegas. She wanted a wedding with family and friends at his Beverly Hills mansion. Williams said, "I didn't have those marital dreams that are ingrained in women. My idea, was 'Yeah, I love you, I'm yours for life, so why don't we just pop to Las Vegas and make it official?' But then I realized how important the day is to Ayda, and that she had a day planned in her head. I thought, 'Baby, whatever you want to do.' It's about the bride, isn't it?"

I agree...the bride gets the most say in how she wants the wedding. Many women seemed to have dreamed about their fairy tale wedding day since elementary school. Someday, when I get married, I hope that the lady I marry will allow me "creative control" over the invites / programs and the music. I don't care about the flowers, seating arrangement, location (nowhere cheesy, though), cake, menu, gift registry, etc. Just music and the writing aspects. Because I have ideas that I think would be awesome.

The duet "Something Stupid" has that 1950s bossa nova sound that I love. The whole thing is retro (from the song, the musical arrangement, and the video itself). I used to not like the 1950s, but in the last decade, since I've gotten into the Beat Generation and went to a special exhibit on the 1950s at Emory University's museum, I've come to the view that a lot of how our society is now was shaped by the decisions and styles that originated in the Eisenhower decade. A big reason why I love the show Mad Men (it takes place in the early 1960s, which was still similar to the 1950s. Things didn't really change until after 1966 because of Vietnam, the Peace Movement, the inner city riots), is the style of the 1950s. People dressed better back then. Bossa Nova (a Brazilian jazz style of music) became popular during that decade and for some reason, while I'm not a fan of jazz, there is something about bossa nova that has intrigued me. I'm still searching for the ultimate bossa nova CD.

Robbie Williams seems to like the 1950s and 1960s as well. He acted as a James Bond wannabe for his music video "Millennium." In 2001, he came out with the album, "Swing When You're Winning," in which he sang standards that Frank Sinatra and other members of the Rat Pack were well known for. Williams also loves Las Vegas (a Rat Pack hangout, along with Palm Springs, California). I think he should take his love for all things 50s and 60s to the next level. I've seen quite a few of his music videos and have read a little about his exploits (his drug and alcohol problems). He would be the perfect personality to play Jack Kerouac in a biopic. Williams has acting ambitions and this would be a great project for him. He could even record the soundtrack (Kerouac wrote a cool song about his traveling experiences). I'd love to write a screenplay biopic on Kerouac and see Robbie Williams star as the famous author.

Anyhow, here's to Robbie Williams and Ayda Fields on their marriage! Best wishes for the future. I hope she stabilizes him. I never understood why such a talented guy was so self-destructive. In a future post, I'll be writing about boy bands because I'm intrigued enough about them to consider a future novel about a fictional boy band in the context of our celebrity-obsessed culture. This writing project is in the incubation phase, though, as I have four writing projects ready to be written as soon as I land a new job (thereby ending the longest job search in my life). For now, the future blog post will have to do.


Anonymous said...

Sansego, maybe you'll be truly blessed and the lady of your dreams will have identical tastes in music, etc., that you do, and so the both of you will be able to choose those important additions to your wedding! That would be awesome! Having three sons who each had HUGE formal weddings, complete with the engagement dinner, showers, groom's night out, rehearsal dinner, the whole nine yards, and two of them got married the same year! Hubby and I were so delighted that we were the parents of the grooms! Otherwise, we'd have gone broke for sure! I was so pleased that all three boys were very into the wedding plans with their brides-to-be. Our middle son, who is extremely creative, even picked out her wedding gown, at her request. He went with her to do try-ons, and chose his favorite. Our youngest son chose the music for theirs, altho she agreed, She was walked by her Mom and Dad to him to the classical piece that was their favorite, Clair de Lune by DeBussy. (One of few times I've seem my hubby cry!) All three boys had outdoor weddings at gorgeous locations. Very memorable. So it isn't just the "bride's day", I don't think. It's magical for both. You'll see, my child, when your turn rolls around! cj

Trish and Rob MacGregor said...

Love coming here. You've got such a variety of info. Love connie's comments!

Sansego said...

Thanks, CJ, for your input! Great to hear about your son's wedding. Perhaps our generation is more cooperative about the wedding plans. Its important for the couple to plan the wedding that they want.

The one I served as Best Man a decade ago, I was surprised by the lack of interest in either the bride or groom to plan their own wedding. They were content to let others take the lead on most things, particularly the vow. As a writer, I would feel strange not having a hand in writing the vows, or at least not writing my own.

Anonymous said...

You are so right, sansego. The vows are the most important part of any wedding ceremony, and should come from the heart and soul of both the bride and the groom as opposed to the traditonal vows, which aren't applicable anymore to most, especially the younger generations today. I have a feeling your soulmate lady is pretty close on your horizon and you will meet her in the not too distant future. Be sure to let us all know when that "little miracle" happens for you! It will knock your socks off! cj

Sansego said...

Thanks, CJ! I hope to meet her soon so I can experience that aspect of life again. It took awhile to get over the last one, but I'm ready to take a risk on love.