Thursday, August 05, 2010

Lying Without Consequence

Saturday night, I fell asleep with the radio on, as been happening lately. I want to listen to Coast to Coast AM (from 10 PM to 2 AM), but I usually fall asleep sometime between 1 and 2 AM. Since it was Sunday morning and I wasn't planning to go anywhere, I allowed myself to wake up whenever my body felt like it (the alarms were turned off).

One thing I have found true about the film Inception was the use of music to wake people up. If I fall asleep to the radio or television, whatever is on will enter my dreams. Its an interesting experiment. It doesn't work when I play a CD, because the CD has long been over by the time I enter the REM and dreaming state. Sometime on Sunday morning, I dreamed about a hateful radio commentator ranting about some issue. When I woke up, the radio was on and playing someone I thought was Glenn Beck. I listened for a bit and learned that it wasn't Beck, but Rush Limbaugh. I was shocked by his manner of speaking. Who takes this guy seriously? He just makes shit up! Its so obvious that the guy is spouting off propaganda and little else. I don't understand why his legions of dittoheads can't see through his schtick.

For example, on this particular program, he claimed that President Obama and his chief advisors all admired Castro. Then he went further and said that they admired Pol Pot! Then he named Kim Jong Il, Chairman Mao, and even Stalin! He stated it as fact. He, of course, gave no evidence or source where he got his information, because, hey, he doesn't have to! Rush is God in Republican country. Every thing he speaks is the truth and all you're expected to do is nod your head and OBEY! If you piss him off, then he expects you to get on your knees and kiss his big, fat ass, as many Republican Congressmen do on a regular basis. I would bet serious money that Congressman Boehner lives up to his vulgar name whenever Rush asks him to kiss his ass again. They salivate at the chance to worship at the altar of Rush!

I've read that many Russians during the Soviet era made jokes about their government-run media. The official newspaper was called Pravda, which means "Truth" in Russian. How was it that the Russian people under communism knew that they were being lied to...but in America, land of the free, there are vast segments of the population that actually PREFERS to be lied to (by Rush, Beck, Palin, and the Fox Propaganda Network)? You know what it means when a person lies to you with a straight face all the time? It means that person does not respect you. Why should he (or she) respect you? If you believe them when they tell lie after lie, then you don't deserve respect. You're a sap. A moron. An idiot. A "dittohead." I guess I can't understand this mindset because I LOVE calling people out on their dishonesty. I take pleasure in exposing another person's lie and throwing it back in their faces.

After a few minutes of Rush's nonsense, I had to turn the radio off. If he had something worth listening to, that would be one thing, but there should be severe penalties for stating obvious lies or not backing up claims with credible evidence. Its just incredible that Rush can claim with seriousness that the Obama Administration "admires" some of the worst dictators in history. He doesn't even offer any clue as to why he "believes" that. Its merely a statement of a "Rush fact" and doesn't require any explainations or proof. By that logic, I could say on this blog that Rush Limbaugh is really a self-loathing homosexual who molests pubescent boys that he invites to his playroom once a week while he pretends to be the Pope issuing edicts to his ignorant legions of followers. There, I said it, therefore it must be true! I'm not going to offer you any evidence or explain why I believe this. You're just going to have to trust me that Rush is who I say he is.

Even during the worst excesses of the Bush years, I never believed that Bush or even Cheney admired the likes of Hitler or Mussolini or Idi Amin or Augustin Pinochet or the Duvaliers of Haiti. That would be an outrageous thing to claim. Sure, their policies might have come a little too close to fascism and dictatorship for comfort, but as a critical blogger of their policies, there was never a knock on my door in the middle of the night to take me away to be waterboarded in Guantanamo Bay. I wasn't even on the "No Fly List", which I worried that I might be when I was attending my best friend's wedding three summers ago. There needs to be some perspective, which I think many Americans lack. We get so spoiled in our land of freedom that when we compare presidents we don't like with some of the worst people to ever rule a country, it cheapens the whole thing. Its outrageous, as a matter of a fact.

For Rush to seriously claim that Obama admires the likes of Pol Pot is absurd and ignorant. Yet conservatives who prefer to take Rush's words as Gospel without any fact-checking on their part will undoubtedly believe this is true because they are ignorant about the history of Pol Pot. In the history of genocidal madmen, Pol Pot is actually considered one of the worst. If Hitler was responsible for at least 6 million deaths in concentration camps, as well as millions of casualties in the World War he caused, and Stalin was responsible for more than 30 million deaths, Pol Pot was responsible for something like 2 million deaths out of 6 million people, which percentage-wise was a lot higher average than either Hitler or Stalin.

Based on Obama's lifestory, personality, and how he has conducted himself in office, it would be amazing if anyone actually believed Rush's claim. Pol Pot's big plan of action was to have everyone who was educated killed. He wanted a country of poor and uneducated peasants because he wanted to remake the country of Cambodia according to his delusional ego. My mother knows a survivor of the Cambodian "killing fields." People were killed just for wearing glasses (a sign of "education"). Now, in looking at Pol Pot, who in America wants people to remain ignorant? President Obama or Fox News and its talking heads? Obama likes to have what he calls "teachable moments". He was a university professor and often gives off the impression of a coolheaded, educated elitist (during the 2008 campaign, he had asked Iowan voters if they were as outraged as he was by the price of Arugula at Whole Foods, never mind that there is not a single Whole Foods store in the entire state of Iowa and "arugula" is considered an urban, yuppie veggie). Fox News, on the other hand, has been known to give false information continually, because its essentially the propaganda arm of the Republican Party.

So, please people. Turn off the radio when Herr Rush speaks. You lose IQ points the more you listen to this egotistical, lying sack of shit. If he wants to be taken seriously as a political pundit, he really needs to attend college, major in political science, learn how to write research papers with citations, and pass exams that test one's factual knowledge of the subject. Just because you have a political opinion doesn't mean you're right or aware of the facts. Politics isn't for amateurs. You really do need to know your shit. Otherwise, you're just an opinionated asshole without a clue. But one can't blame Rush for letting his ego run amuck. It takes brainless, dittoheaded schmucks who listen to him and give him money. He is taking the money and laughing is fat, lying ass all the way to the bank. Suckas! Stick that Pol in your Pot!