Sunday, August 29, 2010

Boy Bands Part VII: Jericho Road

The final Boy Band in the spotlight is Jericho Road. Ever heard of them? Didn't think so. They are a Mormon quartet (essentially a Mormon version of 98 Degrees). I would not have heard of them if not for a couple music videos of theirs being part of the "special features" of a couple Mormon movies on DVD. The irony is that I LOVE LOVE LOVE Mormon movies while none of my Mormon friends like them! I have quite a collection of them on DVD. My Mormon friends don't understand why I like them, since they don't. There are some good ones that were made (The Best Two Years, Return With Honour, God's Army, The Work and the Glory trilogy) as well as a lot of cheesy ones. On the Single's Ward DVD, the special features had a music video by Jericho Road (which is today's music video feature), which I liked on first viewing.

Like all Boy Bands, pay attention to their hand movements. They have to do something with their hands because they aren't playing instruments! The coordinated dance choreography is another cliche of Boy Bands. The melody and message of this song is awesome, thus I don't know why it did not make the playlist on pop radio. That's where you get someone like me, who loves all good music, regardless of who sings it. I'm a fan of good melodies and this song is simply awesome.

A couple years ago, I saw a Best of Jericho Road CD at Deseret Books (a Mormon bookstore. I'm probably the ONLY person who shops at Mormon, Evangelical Christian, New Age, and secular bookstores! Open-mindedness is so awesome!). I only knew two of their songs, but like the other Boy Bands, Jericho Road has also sang cover versions of popular songs. I've listened to this CD quite a bit. Its a very uplifting CD.

I'm sure that Jericho Road's fanbase is primarily tweenage Mormon girls in Utah. I don't know much about the band, but I would not be surprised if a few or all of them attended BYU while I was there (during the years I attended, the writer / director and the actor of Napoleon Dynamite were both students there, as well as the writer of the Twilight series of romantic vampire novels that you may have heard about, and the Mormon girl on MTV's Real World: New Orleans. When is my novelist success due? I'd love to join this creative class of famous BYU alumni, though my novel about the Navy might have BYU officials denying my attending there!).

Hope you enjoy this final Boy Band tribute. This concludes this series. I've thought of spotlighting girl groups, but that will probably have to wait until next summer. August is a dead month for news, so it'll be harder to devote an entire week to pop culture posts while substantial news are begging to be written about. Coming this week, my thoughts on the Glenn Beck ego-mania love fest and the fifth anniversary of the Hurricane Katrina disaster in New Orleans. Stay tuned!

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