Monday, July 05, 2010

Music Video Monday: Pink!

In honour of Al Gore, I decided to feature Pink!'s music video, "Dear Mr. President" because the delusional Message Therapist, Molly Hagerty, claimed that "later" (after fearing that she was going to be "raped"), Gore had inticed her into the bedroom portion of his suite in the Hotel Lucia by playing this song on his iPod. Based on comments made by numerous people online to various articles, they (like me) found this claim to be highly suspect. Some speculate that the whole situation smelled of a blackmail or a setup to prevent Gore from running for president in 2007. Someone wanted to smear his reputation. A detail such as this could be presented as "Gore's obsession with being president" as though he hadn't gotten over the 2000 election and needed Pink!'s song as a morale booster.

Whatever. The song is actually good, as I had never heard of it until I read the Portland Police report on the allegations. So, thank you Ms. Hagerty for letting me know about this song with your outlandish claims.

As for the scandal, I'm under the belief that there are three possible scenarios that happened the night in question:

1) Gore requested a Massage Therapist and when he saw that the Hotel Lucia got him an older lady (she was around age 50 at the time and not exactly a "hottie"), he was upset and did not want her services, she got insulted and out of revenge created this fantastical scenario.

2) Gore requested a massage with a "happy ending" and Hagerty got offended, and created a fantastical scenario in which to publically humiliate Gore.

3) Hagerty had a long-standing attraction to Gore and when she learned that she was going to be his Massage Therapist, she went to his room hoping for an affair but when he rejected anything more than a massage, she was humiliated and decided to recreate her version of what happened that night, playing the victim to make him pay for his humiliating rejection of her.

Its hard to know the truth about what happened that night, because "he said / she said" situations tend to boil down to who is more credible. In Saturday's post, I wrote my thoughts on the case and between the two individuals, Gore is the far more credible person because of his long-standing reputation (even conservatives who despise him find this scandal to be suspect because nothing rings true to what is known about Gore--such as having an explosive temper, which no one has ever seen). The Massage Therapist doesn't help her case by flaking out many times (to file criminal charges or not?), submitting a "detailed" report more than two years after the fact (enough time to concoct an outlandish, "B"-grade Harlequin scenario), and requesting money (both from the National Enquirer and by threat of a civil suit). Put another way, if this delusional Massage Therapist really thought Gore was a "pervert" and a creepy sexual predator, why wouldn't she want him charged with committing a sex crime? If he is really what she claims him to be, why allow him two years or more of "victimizing" other Massage Therapists? She doesn't care about anyone but herself, and lining up her bank account.

For me, the scenario I find most plausible is that he probably asked for a massage with a "happy ending" and she got offended and invented everything else, especially after she had difficulty receiving payment. Its difficult to believe that Gore would attempt to have a sexual encounter with such an unattractive lady. Perhaps he wanted a much younger Massage Therapist and was disappointed when she showed up at his door. Whatever happened, though, Hagerty did the absolute wrong things if she wanted to be taken seriously or to be believed. She appears to be nothing more than a gold digger out to smear the reputation of a good man. Hopefully her career as a Massage Therapist is over. Her late-night massages only result in unhappy endings.

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