Monday, July 12, 2010

Music Video Monday: Enrique Iglesias

In honour of Spain's World Cup 2010 Victory, I decided to feature Enrique Iglesias' music video to his awesome song "Escape" (en Espanol, of course!). In 1999, the American media proclaimed that we were officially entering a "bilingual" era with Hispanic culture (particularly music) finally making the mainstream of American popular music on the radio. I thought it was overhype, and the much heralded "Latino music" craze proved to be a fad. While Ricky Martin scored the biggest success and gained the most attention (for his crappy song "Livin' La Vida Loca"), I thought Enrique Iglesias was far better (his single "Bailamos" was one of my favourite songs of 1999). His first major English language album was awesome: full of catchy songs with irresistable rhythms. His follow-up proved to build on that success, as I think "Escape" is his best song (I can't get enough of the music in that song!). He also finally achieved major success and recognition when "Hero" became a popular single in the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks (I find that song to be a bit cheesy, though).

Enrique Iglesias is Spain's best musical export (he's the son of the famous crooner who knows how to make women swoon a whole lot sooner--Julio Iglesias). I think over time, he proved himself to be a much better artist than the fad Ricky Martin, who disappeared after the ridiculous-ness of "She Bangs" and only reemerged to announce his homosexuality, which didn't seem to surprise anyone. To this day, I still can't understand why he got all the attention and most of the success with his crappy song, while the far superior Enrique Iglesias was merely seen as an afterthought.

Since Spain is savoring the victory of having won their first World Cup championship, this week will be devoted to Spain. Wednesday's post will be about that match (particularly how an octopus warmed my heart in my favourite newstory of the year). Friday's post will be a special Flashback Friday on my experiences in Spain (the good, the bad, and the ugly). Not planning any more posts than that this week, because I'll be spending most of my evenings applying to more jobs. Gotta keep the momentum going. Oh, and I'm also getting an exercise regiment assessment by a personal trainer. In the most recent book I read about Synchronicity (by Rob and Trish MacGregor), I liked one passage that they wrote about how you are able to attract more coincidences and synchronicity when you increase your energy vibration through exercise or other activities. Since the apartment complex has renovated and expanded the fitness room and are offering a free intro session with a personal trainer, its high time I get started on this other goal of mine: getting into better shape.

Perhaps I'll even work out to Enrique Iglesias' music. His upbeat dance songs definitely increase my energy level. I love great music. Enjoy! Ye Viva Espana!

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