Thursday, July 22, 2010

Masseuse Plays Loose With the Truths

Last week's Portland Tribune, a weekly free newspaper that generally runs on the more conservative side of the spectrum, ran yet another lengthy article explaining in more details why they did not break the story of Portland Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT) Molly Hagerty's claim that she was "sexually assaulted" by Al Gore in October 2006 during a visit to our city to give a presentation on his An Inconvenient Truth documentary (the live show!).

This whole case is "an inconvenient truth." However, the credibility of Molly Hagerty has come under severe scrutiny, based on her behaviour. In fact, when I first saw a picture of this lady, my impression was that she was a middle-aged, prudish school marm who has no business being a massage therapist. She claimed to be "shocked!" that anyone would sexually proposition her. Shocked! Shocked, she says! Come on, now. Who do you take us for? Morons? Honestly. A luxury hotel has a V.I.P. guest who requests a massage at 11 p.m. Many people, even those who have never received a massage, know about the term "massage with a happy ending" due to popular culture references. For an LMT who was supposedly highly recommended based on previous high profile clients, she wants us to believe that she had never been inappropriately propositioned before? Yeah, right. Perhaps she's telling the truth, though, considering her age (54) and her physical unattractiveness. If a V.I.P. guest is going to take advantage of being alone in a hotel room in a city not his own, you'd think that he would at least "cheat" with an attractive, young lady.

Anyhow, last week's newspaper article revealed that the pants she wore the night in question, with his DNA supposedly still on them turned out to be an empty boast. She admitted, after teasing a national tabloid that she had "evidence" a la Monica Lewinsky's famous blue GAP dress with Clinton's semen stain, that she had it tested and the results came back negative. What a lying bitch! Not only did her bluff blew up in her face, but the article also revealed that she had failed a polygraph test. Granted, a polygraph is not admissible in court because the machine registers a body's reaction, which psychologists then interpret the person's level of honesty. You know who else failed a polygraph? O.J. Simpson! And everyone with a brain knows that he killed his ex-wife Nicole Brown and her friend Ron Goldman.

Ten years ago, I had to take a polygraph test in order to work for the Georgia Bureau of Investigations. It was a nerve wracking experience to be hooked up to a machine and being asked personal questions and watching the needle move against the page. The guy who gave the polygraph told me how it worked. If he mentioned a dog and I was afraid of big dogs, the machine would register the reaction of my body in a fear response. If I had nothing to fear, then nothing would happen. The questions were primarily about criminal activity and drug usage. Since I had no experience in that area, it wasn't an issue. However, I was still nervous about the test. When the guy took the paper out of the machine and analyzed it, he returned and asked why I lied during such and such question. I got defensive, then he said, "Relax, I'm just messing with you. You passed." At the time, I thought "passing" meant that the machine found me to be a liar. Nope. Failing the polygraph means that your body registered fear responses to certain questions, and the theory is that you are only "afraid" of being exposed in a lie, thus why your body will "betray" your verbal denials to certain questions.

So, this bitch is a liar. Thou shalt not bear false witness, Molly! You understand that?

The reporter who investigated her allegations found several reasons to doubt her credibility. Most telling is that during the process of "negotiating" the terms of her allegations, she wanted certain details left out (such as her failing the polygraph), and the conversations she had with the reporter got more difficult. She even accused the reporter of "bullying" her and even of "screaming at" her. Like the good reporter, he tape recorded his conversations with her and there was no such raising of his voice. What a dumb bitch to falsely accuse a reporter, who has the power to trash her credibility in print! This pattern was repeated when she had also claimed that a well-known Portland attorney had "mocked" and "bullied" her and the polygraph administrator had "screamed and screamed and screamed" at her. Based on this pattern of accusations, I'd say that this woman seriously has deep psychological issues with men, possibly stemming from unresolved and/or repressed sexual trauma. She did accuse a former boyfriend of assaulting her and sought a restraining order against him, which was denied by the Multnomah County court.

There's a word for someone like this: "histrionics." An attention-getting personality trait in which the person will just make up shit (illnesses, attacks, being victimized, etc.) just to get people to pay attention to them. I know quite a few women like that at my work, which is why I can't stand working in a female-dominated office. Some women need constant drama in their lives to get any attention, and considering how hideous looking this Massage Therapist is, I would not be surprised if she felt "insulted" that Gore was not sexually attracted to her and rebuffed her fantasy scenarios, thus she concocted these crazy allegations, which she knows is a damn lie.

So, Molly Hagerty...if you "Google-searched" your name and discovered this blog post, I just want to you to know that I think you are lying bitch whose absurd allegations actually do grave damage to women who are really sexually assaulted and raped. If I ever cross paths with you, I would force you to read the story about the boy who cried wolf. Maybe I should write an update to that childhood parable: "the woman who cried rape!" It is bad karma to falsely accuse people of committing a heinous deed. I want you to think deeply about that. Finally, Molly, I think with your prudish, school marmish manner and the supposedly naive spell you're under that you can't fathom that a client might have ulterior motives for calling you for a massage at 11 p.m. at night is ridiculous. The fact that you stayed for 3 hours after fearing early on that he would rape you, means whatever happened was consensual. Was it merely a "happy ending" or did you give him a Lewinsky Special?

Seriously, whatever happened or happens from here on out, I hope that your career as an LMT is OVER. You have no business in such a field. A lady as naive and prudish as you should really become a school teacher in a one-room schoolhouse in Montana or something. Getting back to the boy who crief wolf know what happened in the end? The boy cried wolf so many times, to test the villagers response, that when a real wolf came, the villagers ignored his final cry for help and he was devoured.

My favourite personal expression to people is: "Credibility begins with consistency." You, Molly, were never consistent, thus why your credibility was questioned and a local paper decided not to publish your story until a national tabloid you wanted a million dollars from published the allegations. Your allotted fifteen minutes of fame was spent on trying to be the next Monica Lewinsky. I bet your family and friends would be so proud that this is how you wanted to become known: as an example of a flaky, middle aged, homely looking woman making up a ridiculous story about a good man like some pulpy dimestore romance novel. Good job. Live with the consequences of that for the rest of your life!

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