Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Mad Mel is Back From Beyond Thunderdome!

Mad Mel is back! Just when you thought he disappeared into marital bliss with his younger model upgrade, he returns with more tabloid fodder.

What is wrong with this man? He used to be one of my favourite actors. He has an extroverted personality and was well known for being a practical jokester on the set of his movies. He always sounded like the kind of guy you'd love to hang out with, because laughter would ensue. Whatever happened to that fun-loving, prankster-prone guy? When did it give way to the darker elements of his personality...with the anti-semitic, racist, misogynistic, ultra-conservative religiosity? He has gotten so conservative in his theological views that he considers the Holy Roman Catholic Church to be "too liberal"!!! Imagine that. A church that will not allow women to hold priesthood offices, that continues to deny homosexuals equal status, that is adamant that all forms of birth control are immoral, and that covers up the sexual abuse of children in the hands of their clergy members. Mel Gibson thinks this church is TOO liberal! I fail to find any evidence of "liberalism" in Catholicism. None, whatsoever. Anyone who really thinks so is probably so far off his rocker that there is no hope of rationality any more.

Gibson's latest raging rant is proof that he is completely off his rocker. You would think that a successful man facing a mid-life crisis would mellow out once he ditched his faithful and long-suffering wife of several decades (the still hot Robyn Gibson) for a beautiful, exotic younger model. But you, like me, would be wrong.

Seen above is Oksana Grigorieva (Russian or Ukrainian?) with Mel Gibson. The age difference is quite obvious. It makes one wonder what they have in common. I'm thinking nada. She's probably young enough to be his daughter. I really don't understand the mentality of a man who would dump his wife for a younger model. Especially a wife who has given you at least a half-dozen children and knows you better than you probably know yourself. Perhaps the familiar becomes stale, and thus the excitement of a younger model, whom one has to mold into his "ideal spouse" (which I'm guessing for Mel is subservient to his every need). I don't know, though. I still think his ex-wife, Robyn, is pretty hot. However, she's probably glad to be rid of him with his alcohol-prone rants.

Below is what Mel Gibson supposedly said to his girlfriend, Oksana, as reported in the news:

"You're an embarrassment to me. You look like a fucking bitch in heat, and if you get raped by a pack of niggers, it will be your fault."

Um...does his good buddy Danny Glover (who made four Lethal Weapon movies with him) know that he views black people as a bunch of animals and calls them by the most vile and racist word (the use of such word would not get him very far in South Central Los Angeles)?

There's more: "How dare you act like such a bitch when I have been so fucking nice." Truth be told, Oksana was probably in it for the money, and because he's a famous man that many ladies are attracted to.

Even more telling, though, he said to Oksana: "I am going to come and burn the fucking house down...but you will blow me first."

See what I mean about wanting a subservient woman to fulfill his every need? Oksana merely exists as a mouth on his male appendage.

Then there is the voicemail he allegedly left Oksana:

"This is my last message. I might be the father... Well, fuck you... You psycho cunt... Because I don't care. Do you understand me? I'm done."

I'm thinking that Mel is probably a misogynist, along with being a racist, a homophobe, and an anti-semite. Maybe its time for him to invest in some white sheets!

In 2006, when Mel was stopped for a DUI, he raged at the police: "Fucking Jews... The Jews are responsible for all the wars in the world" and he referred to a female cop as "Sugar Tits."

What did his anti-semitic remark have to do with the police who pulled him over? When that incident happened, it made me think of the effect of alcohol in revealing a person's true "personality." He may have been able to cover up his shadow persona for decades behind the exterior of the likable, joking actor, but some alcohol in his system revealed that he is truly his father's son. His father is well-known as an anti-semite who denies that the Holocaust happened. Gibson, himself, faced accusations from Jewish groups for his supposed anti-semitism in the film The Passion of the Christ. However, in fairness to him, I never saw any anti-semitism in the film. It presented the Jesus passion play like others have. One of my problems with the film was the excessive violence.

Mel Gibson appears to have a long-standing obsession with violence (the Lethal Weapon movies, the Mad Max movies, Braveheart, Ransom, The Patriot, The Passion of the Christ, Apocalypto, and the forgettable film he most recently starred in). It does seem to be the case that ultra-conservative men tend to have an unhealthy obsession with violence. I wonder why? For Mel to rant at the police that "the Jews" were responsible for all wars is ridiculous. It comes from the conspiracy belief that Jews run the banks that rule the world, so his statement on that night revealled a lot of Mel's psychology. Given that he made a film called Conspiracy Theory in the 1990s only makes one wonder more about his inner state.

The other big problem I had with his movie The Passion of the Christ was that his motive was to "guilt" people into accepting Jesus as one's Lord and Saviour. Many evangelical Christians saw this film as a recruiting tool, without realizing that such violence would offend the sensibilities of Muslims, Hindus and Buddhists, in particular. In their mentality, they believe that a person who doesn't know Jesus would see how much he suffered at the hands of the Romans that they would feel a desire to make him Lord and Saviour of their lives. Wrong! The movie only showed the strange dichotomy of evangelical Christians praising this torture porn of their spiritual leader while at the same time, supporting the use of torture in our Afghanistan and Iraq wars. This inconsistency does not help gain converts.

Besides, based on the comments Gibson said to his girlfriend, I think its safe to say that his belief in Jesus hasn't helped him become a better person. He has only gotten worse over the years. If his ultra-conservative brand of Catholicism hasn't helped smooth out his rough edges, then why should anyone follow his guidance? I would recommend that Gibson give up Christianity altogether and become a Buddhist. The biggest problem with Christianity is that it pushes people into going out and converting other people when Christians really need to go within and convert themselves. How can you know what another person "needs" if your own life is full of messy, unresolved issues that you're avoiding?

Mel Gibson is a perfect example of the hypocrisy of the Christian religion. Instead of trying to guilt-trip people into the Church, he would have done his soul a huge favor by spending time meditating and dealing with his shadow persona (of anti-semitism, misogyny, homophobia, and racism). He clearly has unresolved issues that are getting worse as he grows older. Its sad to see such a formerly likable actor spiral downward into loony conspiracies, propagated by his father. Besides all that, what is the point of "ultra-conservativism" if you have destroyed two marriages? Wife Robyn sacrificed much for the sake of his career over the years and he thanks her by trading in for a younger model, whom he now insults in vulgar rants and threats? Yeah, great family values there, Mel. You are such a stellar example of good conservative Christian values!

The above photo represents Mel in supposed happier times, with his wife, Robyn, who is still a major hottie. Mel is an idiot for dumping her. Perhaps his downward slide into irrelevance is karmic justice. I once stated a theory to a friend of mine about a decade ago. I believe that most women get better with age while men have a tendency to turn into assholes. Particularly the ones who dump their wives for younger models in order to deal with whatever feelings they have at mid-life. Trading younger is not a true solution to the crisis men have at mid-life. Its a spiritual crisis, first and foremost. Mel is proof that a younger woman did not solve his inner conflict.

I hope, though, that Mel does get his act together and finds the root cause of what is eating at him. He's a likable guy who has made some pretty awesome movies. I'd like to see him find his way back to reality. If he marries again, hopefully, it will be with a lady closer to his age to be an even match for him rather than a subservient playtoy that he seems to expect.

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Trish and Rob MacGregor said...

Interesting post. Loved Gibson's earlier movies, though. Recently saw edge of darkness, which was good. Too bad he can't keep his mouth shut.