Thursday, July 15, 2010

Good Aussie, Bad Aussie

The scandal Radar Online continues its daily release of the phone conversation between Mad Mel and his girlfriend Oksana. Each day's public release has been more mind-blowing outrageous than the previous day's. Just when you think it could not get any worse, it actually does!

Please click on the attached links to have a listen (if you dare). You may want to listen to them BEFORE continuing reading this post, because I'll be writing about choice comments that reveal the psyche of an enraged man deep in a major midlife crisis.

The first day's release was only mildly shocking. Mel seemed mad at his girlfriend for wearing clothes and walking in a certain way that reminded him of a "Vegas whore" and he did not like it one bit. He was angry, but it was a private conversation. Since he is well known to be an ultra-conservative Catholic, its not surprising that he would find it offensive and upsetting that his wife is dressing up to either make him jealous or to invite men to take a good look at her. Since I know very little about Oksana, and she seems a bit too "model beautiful" who wrecked a marriage, her motives are suspect as well. Its not cool to record private conversations and air them in public. However, on the flip side, she claims to be scared that he might actually make good on his threats to kill her. Perhaps she is aware of Nicole Brown Simpson's famous comment to friends that O.J. Simpson would kill her one day and get away with it because "he's O.J. Simpson!"

Anyhow, the first phone conversation that was released featured the comment by Gibson that if she "got raped by a pack of niggers", it would be her fault. This line naturally raised the ire of Jesse Jackson and the NAACP because the comment plays to the common fear that white people have about black men (that white women will be raped by them). What kind of person would say such a thing to someone he loved? Perhaps he was trying to scare her into dressing more conservatively, but went about it the wrong way. Whoopi Goldberg came to his defense, saying that she has hung out with him and he never displayed any racism. But then there's always that well-known denial: "I'm not racist! Some of my best friends are black!" Seriously, if you're referring to a group of people in animal terms ("a pack of...", as in wolves) or using the most vile, racist word...well, you probably have some deeply rooted, subconscious issues regarding race.

The second phone call recording that was released by Radar Online is eight minutes long and is surprisingly shocking in the amount of venom and anger you can hear in Mel Gibson's voice. It conjures up the "Mad Mel" we've seen in Lethal Weapon, Braveheart, Ransom, and The Patriot. From this segment, here are some noteworthy and surprising admissions that Mad Mel made:

He tells Oksana that he doesn't love her anymore because she is using him and only takes from him. Yet, in the next breath, he offers her "one more chance." Make up your mind, Mel!

He yells so much that he has difficulty breathing. I mean, seriously, how ANGRY does one have to be, to be so out of breath like he is? He's ripe for a heart attack with his violent rage. He claims that Oksana has no soul, and more surprisingly, admitted that he left his wife because they no longer shared any "common spiritual ground." That's what he thinks. According to Radar Online, Robyn Gibson filed for divorce when she learned that her husband was on vacation in Mexico with Oksana. What spiritual ground, Mad Mel? Maybe your wife did not agree with your using the money from The Passion of the Christ to build your own retro-Catholic (that rejects the Vatican II reforms of the 1960s) Church. Maybe it is you, Mad Mel, whose spirituality went off the deep end in the aftermath of being accused of being anti-Semitic like your old man and facing threats by studio heads (there are many Jewish people who work in the film industry) that "you'll never work in this town again" because of the way your torture porn film about Jesus alienated everyone who isn't a conservative, evangelical, fundamentalist Christian. However, it was the loyalty of the evangelicals that pushed your movie past the $300 million mark. From the same group of people who tried to censor Martin Scorsese's film about Jesus in 1988!

When Mel and Oksana argue about something, Oksana admits to "apologizing for nothing." Mel gets freaked out, asking "What? What?!? You apologized for nothing? You fucking, lying cunt!" What a moron. In listening to the conversation between them, its amazing to realize the huge age difference between the two of them (Oksana is younger than some of his sons). Oksana comes across as very mature, able to have an intense discussion without losing her temper and screaming her head off. Gibson is completely enraged and unhinged. Its amazing that he let a woman have that much power over him. He admits quite a few times that her behaviour is "hurting" him and "making" him angry. Anyone who has studied psychology knows, no one can make you angry without your consent. We can choose how we react to other people's behaviour. That Mad Mel cannot control his anger proves that he is powerless in that relationship. Oksana probably knows which buttons to push and since her intent was to capture his rages on tape, she played him like "a harp from hell" (to quote the Penguin in Batman Returns).

When Oksana continues to repeat "you need medication", he is set off again with his "What? What?!?" rants, this time saying, "I need a woman! Not a little girl with a fucking dysfunctional cunt!" Yow! I hate to break it to you, Mad Mel, but you are the one who left your wife for this woman. You left your wife, whom you have a shared history, begun before you were ever famous, and had several children with. You left a WOMAN to be with a much younger woman in her 20s, like the cliche of men at midlife. His comment gives credence that people really should stick with dating within their generation. Otherwise, you miss out on a lot of the cultural commonalities that make for a strong bond.

He also freaks out again when Oksana threatens to call the police after Mad Mel indicates that he would come over to HIS house if she dared hang up on him. When she offers to go to her friend's house, Mad Mel insults her friend and mentions that her friend was making eyes at him and would suck him in five seconds if he allowed it. Dang, what a thing to say to a woman you supposedly love. Even worse, he told her that she did not have any friends. Shocking revelation of all: Mad Mel admitted that he had no friends, thus why he wanted to make her into his one and only true friend. Seriously? No friends, Mel? Why is that? Did you alienate everyone with your runaway egotism and overzealous religious pomposity? Yikes. This man belongs in Arkham Asylum! I think we found our next Bat-villain! He also admitted that he believes that his career is over. Well, duh. After The Passion of the Christ and Apocalypto, and his 2006 DUI arrest, he pretty much alienated all of Hollywood.

Most alarmingly, Mad Mel practically admits to hitting Oksana while she had their baby in her hands. He told her, "you deserved it!" Then, he menacingly said: "I'll put you in a fucking rose garden, you cunt! You understand that? Because I'm capable of it."

Uh-oh. Someone aspires to be the next O.J. Simpson. I bet all the media hoards were salivating at the prospect of another "Trial of the Century"! If Mad Mel were to make good on his threat, this murder trial would be a lot more of a circus, considering the stature of Mel Gibson (Oscar-winning director, plenty of blockbuster films with his name attached). O.J. was just a second-rate celebrity. Of course, if anything should now happen to Oksana, Gibson would automatically be suspected and these tapes would convict him before the jury even heard the opening arguments. And there wouldn't be any racial dynamics involved. Still, the media would eat such a murder trial up if it involved Mel Gibson.

In the third phone recording that was released on Wednesday by Radar Online, we get to what may be "the real reason" Mad Mel went off his rocker. Please click on the link for a listen before reading the rest of this post. It's three and a half minutes long.

Their argument in this segment is about sex. Mad Mel is in a rage because Oksana fell asleep waiting for him to come out to the jacuzzi. He yelled at her: "I should've woken you up and said, 'fucking blow me, bitch!'" In another part of the conversation, he yelled: "I deserve to be blown first! Before the fucking jacuzzi! Okay, I'll burn the goddamn house up, but blow me first."

What is with these middle-aged assholes? Both Bill Clinton and Newt Gingrich violated their marital vows in the 1990s over blow jobs. Their wives probably did not want to do that anymore (if they ever did) and they found women who were willing to give them what they wanted.

I'm actually kind of shocked that Mad Mel seems a little too obsessed with women fellating him on demand. After all, Mad Mel left the Holy Roman Catholic Church because it was TOO liberal for him. The Catholic Church is consistently against all forms of birth control and sexual acts that do not lead to the potential for pregnancy, thus why the church is against masturbation, oral and anal sex, homosexuality, condoms, birth control pills, and abortion. The church mistakenly believes that each sperm is a soul and by committing acts in which the sperm has no chance of meeting the egg, the person is thereby committing an act of "murder." Its ludicrous that they still hold on to this Medieval mentality. As modern people know, there are millions of sperm in an ejaculate, so if souls did reside in a sperm cell, there are millions that will not become a fetus because it only takes one sperm cell to find and fertilize an egg.

The fact that ultra-conservative Catholic Mad Mel created his own branch of Catholicism from the profits of his Jesus torture porn movie, that rejects the Vatican II reforms (though it did not go far enough in modernizing the church), how can he square his beliefs against the mass murder he commits everytime he forces his girlfriend to blow him?

Mad're about as authentically religious as Pat Robertson and all those other nutcases who can't live what you preach to other people. Given his lunacy, I wonder if he makes his girlfriend perform fellatio on him as an act of communion in his church? He's probably just twisted enough to make such an irrational demand.

After hearing these recordings, there is no way I can in good conscience ever pay to see another Mel Gibson movie. I have a few movies of his on DVD (Hamlet, The Patriot, What Women Want, and Signs), but I won't get rid of them. However, I think its safe to say that his career is effectively over. There is no comeback after this kind of ugliness. He was bankable for so long because of the fun-loving, prankster persona he projected. His last few movies have bombed and he was probably told after his most devisive film that common cliche we've all heard about: "You'll never work in this town again!" Besides, there are plenty of other Australian actors to take his place.

In fact, I move that we drop the expression "Good Cop, Bad Cop" from our lexicon and adopt a new one: "Good Aussie, Bad Aussie." If Mel Gibson represents the "Bad Aussie", who would represent the "Good Aussie"?

Duh! It would be none other than Hugh Jackman, who does have that incredibly sunny persona that we all love to see in our Australian actors. Its amazing to reflect that when I first saw Hugh Jackman on the cover of a major magazine in the summer of 2000, I had no idea who he was. I learned soon enough with his star-making role as the Wolverine in the X-Men movies. Hugh Jackman is the perfect example of the spiritual concept behind "the Law of Attraction" (as advocated by Jerry and Esther Hicks). In every interview I've seen of him, as well as when he hosted the Tonys and the Oscars, he has an amazing charisma with an enviable cheerful and positive disposition. He is someone who continues to attract good roles and opportunities into his life.

And he is a family man. Google-search him and you'll find plenty of pictures of him hanging out with his two children and his wife. He seems to really love life. I once read that he has a healthy view of the paparazzis. Instead of treating them as the enemy, he realizes that they have a job to do and he lets them have their shots before going about his day. Nothing seems to faze him. With an attitude like this, I'd hate to read a decade or more that he has turned into another Mel Gibson. That would not be cool.

However, I think Jackman has a good sense of who he is. I just recently watched a documentary called Oh My God, which is about one documentary filmmaker's journey around the world to ask a variety of people: "What is God?" The DVD features a bonus disc with extended interviews by certain celebrities such as Ringo Starr, Seal, Bob Geldof, David Copperfield, a few other people, and Hugh Jackman. I was impressed with Jackman's spiritual views. He was raised in the Church of England, but as a teenager grew frustrated when his questions were shushed rather than answered. He believed that accepting an idea based on faith alone is not good enough. He wants a logical answer for some of the beliefs he was expected to accept. In the interview, he mentions meditating twice a day, which makes him feel connected to the divine. He used the expression "the space between" a lot (a term I've been hearing a lot as well). He is what I would call an open-minded spiritualist, like me. He quotes from the Bhagavad-Gita, shares a zen koan, gave examples from his own life, and worries about falling into the "comfort trap." Based on that lengthy interview segment (about 20 minutes, I'd guess), I'd say that Jackman's spiritual grounding is pretty solid, especially in contrast to Mad Mel's warped, authoritarian-style ultra-conservative hypocrisy.

So, Mad're the Bad Aussie whose career is effectively over. Good riddance to you! Spend the rest of your life reconnecting to your soul and finding the source of your rage. We don't need any of your ultra-violent movies anymore.

Besides, we have plenty of Good Aussies to take your place: Hugh Jackman, Eric Bana, the guy from The Mentalist, and Sam Worthington.


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