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Emerging Details on the Delusional Massage Therapist

Ever since a massage therapist came forward with salacious accusations against Al Gore that describe a man far different from his persona, I've read as much as I could about the case, including the 73 page police report, a few articles online that included comments by readers, as well as the weekly newspaper The Portland Tribune, which featured a special editor's note about why this conservative newspaper declined to run the story when the massage therapist brought her allegations to them. This newspaper also included a timeline of events.

Essentially, the massage therapist was not found to be credible by either the Portland Police Bureau's Sexual Assualt Victims unit or a conservative newspaper that really wanted to publish this story. However, the newspaper did its job. They spent a year investigating the allegations to get corrobative evidence or witnesses, but found nothing. In fact, the editor-in-chief claimed in the editorial that their investigative team of reporters actually found information that convinced them not to run the story. Its not revealed what that information is, but one hint is that the massage therapist set conditions on them about what they could write about, including not writing about certain things regarding her. Oh, really? It appears that this lady wants to completely slander a wealthy and famous individual for a large sum of cash, but she did not want her name or her history to be revealled to the public. Talk about cowardice!

Last week, another National Enquirer issue has come out in which the massage therapist reveals her identity and picture. Her name is Molly Hagerty and since she had no moral objections to making outlandish accusations against Gore, I feel that she should have no problem with a Portland blogger ripping apart her allegations and questioning her character. In all the articles and comments I've read in the past week, here's what I've come to think of Molly Hagerty: she is nothing more than a delusional, prudish, naive, gold-digging con artist with an overactive imagination. Oh, and based on the above photo, I doubt that she would ever be pursued so aggressively by any man who isn't blind. She probably wishes that someone like Gore found her attractive, to validate an otherwise pathetic existence. Molly Hagerty, I hope you do read this, because I want you to know that I think you're a fake. Another Tawana Brawley. Instead of concocting a salacious scandal in the hopes of a big payday, you should write crappy romance novels. You have the gift for it with your Moonstruck chocolates, your use of words like "lummox" and "crazed sex poodle", and fantasies of Gore playing a Pink! song on his iPod.

It was interesting reading the comments on several online articles about the case. It appears that many people had the same opinion as me when reading the details of the 73 page report: it sounded too farcical to be real. Particularly that when she claimed to feel threatened by him with the real possibility of being raped, she did not run out of the hotel room. In fact, according to the details of the case, she was in his room for 3 hours! That's 11 PM until 2 AM! How naive must a person be to expect a service call from a luxury hotel at 10:30 PM and not consider that the client might expect more than a massage? She claims to have given massages to a number of VIPs, including athletes and rock stars, yet not once did any of them act inappropriately. I find that hard to believe. Did she have a personal vendetta against Gore? Did she go to his hotel room expecting a sexual encounter, only to be rebuffed, and thus concocting this scenario out of revenge for being rejected? According to details that have emerged from the case, the woman was once a victim of an abusive relationship. She's not currently married, nor was she during that night in question (October 24, 2006).

Hagerty claims to be deeply spiritual, but I hope she knows that there is a huge spiritual consequence to "bearing false witness." There are even stories written for children about what happens when you falsely accuse someone of a heinous crime or of lying. Instead of "The Boy Who Cried Wolf", perhaps the modern update would be "The Woman Who Cried Rape!" Not only does a false accusation smears the accused for life, but it also makes things harder for the women who are actually raped or victims of a sexual assault. Making false accusations against someone, for whatever reason, is one of the worst things you can ever do. In fact, it is better for a guilty person to walk free than for one innocent person to be incarcerated for a crime he or she did not commit.

The massage therapist's actions indicate some level of dishonesty on her part. Her motives are highly suspect. According to the National Enquirer, after the late-night massage session, she left the hotel with her equipment and said nothing to the front desk about anything she later dreamed up in her statement to the police nearly two years later. When she inquired about payment for her services, the Hotel would not pay her until they received word from the VIP client that the massage therapist showed up and provided the service as agreed upon. Perhaps the non-payment after the fact led her to create this fantasy scenario as an act of revenge. Hagerty does seem a bit delusional and school marmishly naive. In fact, she's probably in the wrong line of work if she believes that its appropriate to go to hotel rooms so late at night and not expect that the client might have sexual expectations. If Gore requested such an occurrence, he was probably not the first client of hers to want something more. Her expression of being shocked rings about as true as a politician on a junket to Las Vegas exclaiming, "I'm shocked, ABSOLUTELY SHOCKED!, that there is gambling going on here!!!"

Let's look at that timeline (as published in the Portland Tribune on Thursday, 1 July 2010)...

The encounter happened on October 24, 2006. Hagerty bills the hotel for three hours but does not receive payment until the client confirms with the hotel that the massage service happened.

On December 19, 2006, a Portland attorney contacts the Portland Police Bureau, claiming that his client was sexually assaulted by Gore.

January 4, 2007, after scheduling and canceling three interviews, the attorney informs the police that his client no longer needs their services because the case will be handled in civil court.

Sometime in mid-2007, the Portland Tribune received word from a confidential source about the alleged sexual assault and begins an investigation, starting with obtaining the brief police report. By August 2007, the newspaper was able to learn the identity of the massage therapist and asked her about the incident. Hagerty denies involvement with the incident.

March 2008, Hagerty finally contacts the Tribune in the aftermath of the Eliot Spitzer resignation for his sex scandal. The massage therapist and the newspaper enter a long period of discussion and negotiation about her story. By the year's end, the newspaper decides against publishing the story because the "investigation uncovers information that raises significant questions in the minds of the reporter and editors involved with the story. Another factor in the decision is Hagerty's attempts to make her cooperation conditional on having certain facts ommitted from the story."

January 6, 2009, Hagerty contacts the Portland Police again and says that she wants to file a complaint against Gore!

January 8, 2009, Hagerty is interviewed by the police. She actually READS from a prepared statement and when the police ask a series of followup questions, she gets some details wrong and has to refer to the statement before answering. One example was when she said that Gore had reached into his pants pocket to pay her, whereas her written statement indicated that Gore was wearing a bathrobe the entire time. She also admitted that the statement was written by her attorney! Yeah, and they had two years to write this lenthy document. Its highly possible that she included details from massaging other clients and blended it all into one, thus why it sounds so comical and un-Gore-like.

June 3, 2010, Hagerty brings a slightly edited version of the transcript and tells the Portland police that she intends to take her story to the media. This was just two days after the news that the Gores were ending their marriage.

June 23, 2010, the National Enquirer publishes the story in their online edition, with the print edition to come five days later. In response to the media requests, the Portland Police Bureau releases their reports (including her statement and the transcript of her question and answer session) as well as the audio tape of the interview with Hagerty.

June 25, 2010, the Washington Post reports that Hagerty tried to sell her story to the National Enquirer for $1 million. The tabloid confirms that she had made the request, but instead of paying her, they simply obtained the reports for free from the Police Bureau and ran with it. The tabloid also does not contact Gore or his representatives for a statement, out of fear that they would lose an exclusive story.

June 30, 2010, the massage therapist identifies herself and calls Gore a "pervert and sexual predator."

When you look at the timeline, it does not make a credible case. I really think there is something psychotically delusional about this woman and she is acting out of greed or perhaps financial desperation. Its also possible that she is acting as an agent for some organization that seeks to bring down the highest profile climate change advocate, particularly in light of the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. There's also the theory about "a woman scorned." A single, middle aged woman, who is given an opportunity to massage a wealthy and well known client at his hotel room late at night during a visit? Perhaps this woman, who is single, had a longstanding obsessive attraction to Gore and propositioned him. When he refused, perhaps the rejection stung and she felt humiliated. She wanted him to pay for his rejection. Blackmail didn't seem to work, so she sought a sleezy tabloid that felt vindicated when its story about John Edwards cheating on his wife turned out to be true (the mainstream media avoided that story until it became obvious that Edwards was cheating when he was seen visiting his mistress at a hospital after she gave birth).

My message to Molly Hagerty is simple. Stop lying, you delusional spinster. Just because men your age don't find you attractive does not give you the right to invent fantasy allegations for large sums of money. If you are truly spiritual, you would know the consequences of bearing false witness. But then again, Rielle Hunter (John Edwards' mistress) thought she was a New Age girl who saw Edwards as having a transformational leadership role along the lines of Gandhi and Dr. King. That's not spiritual thinking, there, but egotism in an elaborate disguise.

I think, Molly, that you should probably give up being a Massage Therapist. Why put yourself in that situation of going to hotel rooms late at night for VIP guests? If what you have claimed really did happen, why did you wait so long and change your mind so many times? Plus, you had two years to invent a scenario with your lawyer that had enough idiosyncratic detail to be plausible to some people. However, people who have common sense can see right through you and your phony story. What's even sadder is that if Andy Warhol is to be believed, everyone is allotted their 15 minutes of fame and this is how you decided to cash in? You will be remembered as "The Woman Who Cried Rape!" only to have your scenario revealed for the farcical satire it truly is. What an unfortunate thing for all those women who are actually victimized in real sexual assaults, who have no easy means of escaping like you apparently did on several occasions.

Come back to the real world, Molly, where facts and reason and reputation matter. Your fantasy world is not doing you any good. I hope you are laughed out of every courtroom and police station in the country. It says something when a conservative newspaper found your allegations having more holes than Swiss cheese. Your story might not convince most people of its validity, but that only means you're working in the wrong genre. I think you would make a decent Harlequin romance novelist. Your fantastic imagination will provide an excellent service to other sexually frustrated middle aged women out there who buy such books. Best of all, you'll never have to give another male VIP hotel guest a late night massage (with a happy ending) ever again! Think about it.

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