Friday, July 09, 2010

2010's Most Beautiful Bride

I hope I didn't shock any of my regular readers by my last post. I am frustrated, yes. However, I'm also eternally optimistic and hopeful. Last night, I applied to a job that falls under one of my "dream job categories" and learned today that there's another one that is similar, which I also plan to apply to (though its a long shot and would require a move to the Twin Cities if I was hired). All I want is to land an interview, at the least. I have a good track record with interviews and even if I don't get hired, I enjoy the practice and meeting people. The experience matters. So, here's keeping my fingers crossed, as I apply to at least eight more jobs in the next few days (plus check out the latest postings).

In case you're thinking that I already "broke" my promise to ease back on blogging, I can assure you that its not because I'm "addicted" to blogging or something. I just didn't want to leave my blog hanging on the last post, with its somewhat sarcastic, often vulgar, viewpoints. Since I normally have a "Flashback Friday" post for this day, I decided, why not feature photos from my friend Christine's wedding from two Fridays ago?

Christine and her husband have posted more than 300 photos of their wedding and reception on Facebook and I actually did look through them all last weekend. I saved the ones I liked the best (I love wedding photos of my friends) and am posting these here (without their permission. Oops, sorry!). Seeing all these photos made me feel as though I was right there with them. The wedding and reception looked beautiful, even in its simplicity. It was well done. I'm impressed. I especially love the photo of the bride above. Its playful, fun, and shows what I remember most about Christine (that she's an incredibly kind and beautiful lady).

On the above photo, I love the colour scheme of the blue building and the red in the background. I think of this photo as the Dutch version of the famous American painting "American Gothic" by artist Grant Wood.

I also love this photo a lot because of the contrasting colours of the leaves in the fore- and backgrounds. It almost looks like an Impressionist-style painting. Like something straight out of Rembrandt!

The beautiful bride exits her limo, in the ultimate fairy tale come true. I'm thinking that this was taken after the wedding (which was held at a Dutch congregation of our church, the Community of Christ) and arriving at the reception site.

The happy couple, almost looking like celebrities going to the Academy Awards in Hollywood. Christine really picked an awesome looking Wedding dress and looks beautiful in it. She wins my vote for 2010's "Most Beautiful Bride"!

Here's to a long happy future together!

In case you're wondering...there will be a post on Monday for the music video selection. I can't go without that, you know. Otherwise, don't expect a post this weekend...unless it involves Al Gore's case or Mel Gibson goes O.J. Simpson on us or something so outrageously shocking that I can't help but to blog on it! Barring something of that nature, have fun this weekend and don't worry about missing a post on my blog. I'll give you something to read on Monday. After that, it's anyone's guess when the next one will be.

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