Monday, June 21, 2010

Music Video Monday: Top Gun Anthem

In honour of the 20th anniversary of my enlistment into the Navy, I have selected an awesome song that always makes me feel patriotic and proud of the Navy. Its the instrumental anthem from the 80s classic, Top Gun. Its a brilliant piece of music with an incredible sound. I'm amazed by how certain sounds can evoke such powerful emotions, which is why I really love music a lot. For the longest time, I thought this song had a bagpipe sound, but I guess its just the electric guitar.

I was originally going to post the video to the Village People's "In the Navy", because this was one of the songs that I really loved when I was kid. Again, as I wrote in Saturday's post, my family's association with the Navy and me all my life included this song being thought of as "my song." At the time, I had no idea who the Village People were or even WHAT they were. I only recently watched their video on YouTube and felt embarrassed watching it. They are so cheesy, so embarrassingly bad, and gay. Its a good thing that their video to "In the Navy" is barred from embedding onto other websites and blogs. I like the song, but not the group. Its certainly a much better song than their more popular "YMCA."

As a child, whenever I heard the song "In the Navy," I remember thinking that it was my future, even though I was still resistant to enlisting through my last few months of high school. Its amazing how things turned out. Though a career in the Navy wasn't for me, the enlistment as a young man was a necessary rite of passage. When I was in Basic Training, most of the guys were fresh out of high school like me. The ones who had the most difficulty during those weeks of training were older, which is understandable. After living on your own for awhile, it would be a difficult adjustment to being told what to do and have your entire day for weeks on end regulated by someone else. Its much easier to adjust if you've come directly from living with your parents all your life. Its a good transition from childhood into adulthood.

This music video selection represents the last of my "nostalgic" Navy posts on my blog for the time being (at least until March 20, 2011!). Enjoy!