Monday, June 14, 2010

Music Video Monday: Miami Sound Machine

I was going to feature Cyndi Lauper's "Goonies R Good Enough" music video in honour of last week's trip to Astoria for the 25th anniversary of the movie the song is from, but in light of an intense debate on the Synchronicity website, I have decided that Miami Sound Machine's "Bad Boys" is perfect. Tomorrow's post will be about the inexplicable phenomenon of many women having a "bad boy" attraction. Mind you, I'm not saying "all women" or even "most women"...but you cannot deny that there are simply way too many women who are drawn into a dangerous relationship with bad boys. For a "nice guy" like myself, it is frustrating to see intelligent women who have everything going for them drawn into such destructive relationships.

I've heard many say that "nice guys are boring." Is drama that could be abusive or deadly worth it? And what is "boring"? I'm bored by people whose brains are mushy. As long as someone is interested in ideas, reading books, traveling to places, or participating in different groups that reflect one's passion, that's not boring to me. The intense drama of being in a relationship with a volatile bad boy where a lady doesn't know if he will beat the shit out of her or have the most mind-blowing make up sex is crazy and unstable.

Gloria Estefan of the Miami Sound Machine released this song as a single in 1985 or 1986. Interesting that the video shows guys looking like the cast of the Broadway hit musical Cats. That's hardly "bad boy" behavior" (more like GAY!). But as she sang, she was "feeling so restless"...thus bad boys provided the cure to her boredom. Anyhow, enjoy and be prepared for what may be a controversial opinion on why I believe (some) women are attracted to "bad boys."

Special word to "Anonymous" in St. Augustine, Florida: If you have such an "aversion" to me, why are you coming back on here every day since our debate? Are you ready to apologize for being so wrongly judgmental of me?

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