Thursday, June 10, 2010

Another Marriage Gore'd by Divorce!

Some guy at work yesterday gleefully reported the news to me that Gore's eldest daughter, Karenna, was getting divorced from her husband. Of course, he hates Democrats so he's happy to rub this news in to a Gore loyalist like me (which is shocking, because he claims to be a Buddhist, and I have found that most caucasians who have converted from Christianity to Buddhism tend to be liberal in the politics and their spiritual views. Not him. He's essentially a fundamentalist Christian who became a Buddhist but still retains his belief in the GOP being God's favoured political party). News delivered by a biased source, of course, has to be fact-checked. A friend of mine posted an article on my Facebook about the separation.

I also saw an article about the separation on The Huffington Post. Some of the comments people left after the article asked "Why is this news?" Um...because she happens to be the child of a famous politician and this news comes on the heels of last week's shocking news that her parents are going their separate ways after four decades of marriage. If the Bush daughters got married or divorce, that would also make news (as it did when Jenna got married). In other words, this is definitely a "newsworthy" and "blogworthy" story.

This latest news has me wondering...what the hell is going on in the Gore family?!? Things are not what they appear to be. This separation (potential divorce) is more harmful than Al and Tipper's breakup after 40 years of marriage because Karenna and her husband have three young children. Drew Schiff is a doctor and the family lives in the New York City area. They married in 1997. From what I read, Drew is from a Republican family, and his personality is a lot like Al. That struck me because of the idea I've heard that many women want to marry a guy just like their dad. I don't understand that mentality, because I am not seeking to marry a woman who is like my mother. Mom is mom but that doesn't mean I want to replicate that relationship with a spouse. Freud is wrong about the "Oedipus Complex." Anyhow, it appeared to me that Drew and Karenna Schiff are part of the typical New York City "high society" and probably have a nanny for their children. After being married for a dozen years, perhaps things have gone stale in their marriage.

Because young children are involved, I find this divorce far more troubling than Al and Tipper deciding to go their separate ways. In cases such as this, I tend to blame the man for the marriage split, because it does not seem likely that a woman with three children would want to find herself single. I would not be surprised if this case involved another person. Its a terrible thing for a man to do to his wife. Speaking as a single guy who does search the personal ads for potential dates and relationships, I'm struck by what I consider to be "scraping the bottom of the barrel" as I read ad after ad by women in their 30s who have a child or two (or three). This is a huge strike for me. I want my own children someday, not help provide for some other man's children. If a woman already has two or three children, the chances of her wanting another one are less likely than a woman who doesn't have any. These are all issues that I have to deal with when searching for a suitable lady to date.

Thus why I find men who dump their wives and the mother of their children so they can get a younger model (without children) to be SCUMBAGS. They make it harder for other men who didn't marry young and must now sift through the "leftovers." I know some people get offended when I refer to divorced ladies with children as "leftovers"...but let's get real, here. I believe people marry far too quickly without knowing themselves first. Once you have children, there's no reason for the marriage to end in divorce unless it involves domestic violence or sexual abuse. At least wait until after your children have grown before you get a divorce, and look for other divorced people to date. Stop diluting the singles dating pool! People who have not married before or have children should have a chance to meet and marry. It annoys me when a divorce father remarries a younger lady (I feel like Baby Boomer men are stealing single, childless Generation X ladies from us) and has a second family set (John McCain a prime example of this). I'm not interested in dating women too far younger than me, as I prefer to stay within my generation. Time is running out, though.

The above photo is from LIFE magazine. Karenna was in a beautiful Vera Wang dress and the wedding was held at the National Cathedral in Washington, D.C. A happy day for the Gore family, as their eldest daughter walked down the aisle with her proud father, the Vice President of the United States. How sad that this fairy tale could not last, and three children will grow up in a broken home.

Pictured above is Kristin Gore, the second daughter. I had met her in 2004 when she did a book signing at the Margaret Mitchell House in Atlanta, Georgia for her hilarious novel Sammy's Hill. Since I had already read the novel months before her booksigning and wrote a review of it on, I mentioned to her that I loved her book and hated that people called it "chick lit." She had mentioned that some guy on said the same thing, and I told her that it was my review. Wow...small world! I told her about my internship with her dad and asked how he could ever get over the 2000 election, because I still wasn't "over it"! I also asked her if he had plans to write his memoirs. He's the only major figure in the Clinton Administration who has not published an autobiography / memoir. She said that he was working on some other things. What she wrote in my copy of her novel was really sweet. Best autograph ever!

In 2004, she was already engaged to be married the following year. I learned last week that her marriage ended in divorce just last year. I was stunned. I never heard about it. It took news of her parents' divorce for this old story to resurface. The reason for her split is "irreconciliable differences." In other words, incompatibility issues. At least there aren't any children involved. This puts her in a better position for remarriage than her older sister Karenna. Seriously, having young children makes it that much harder for a woman to remarry. Most men do not want to walk into an instant family. The guys who do are practically saints. Some guy at work told me (after reading a story in the newspaper about a lady who had killed her own children) that usually when a woman kills her own children, its because she wants to marry another man who finds children to be an issue. When men kill their families, they usually kill themselves as well. I never noticed, but considering the high profile cases of parents killing their children, this seems to be true.

Karenna is a classy lady who will likely find another husband in her social circle. For those of us not part of New York high society, the rules are little bit different. I wish both Karenna and Kristin the best in finding their true soulmate. It seems to hard to find the right relationship.
Finally, youngest daughter Sarah Gore married last year to an Asian guy that she met through her dad's climate change events. Who knew that she was attracted to Asian guys? I'm impressed. I rarely see caucasian women dating or marrying Asian (or half-Asian) guys. Usually, you see more caucasian men dating or marrying Asian (or half-Asian) women. Not the other way around. As a guy with a caucasian father and Thai mother, I can attest that dating caucasian women has been tough. I have much better luck with other "ethnics". So, I'm glad to see that Sarah has no such hang-ups about race. I truly hope that her marriage is the most successful of them all. This is one marriage that I really want to see last a lifetime.

No word on Albert Gore III. The only time he makes the news is when he gets a speeding ticket or busted for marijuana. How did he end up to be such a bad boy? He ought to have no problem attracting low self-esteem women who love bad boys. He'll essentially have his pick of them.

The upcoming wedding to watch, though, is Chelsea Clinton's this summer. When I heard last year that she got engaged to a guy that she has been friends with since high school (both his father and mother served in Congress), I thought that was pretty sweet. Her last boyfriend seemed like a good for nothing trust fund scoundrel. I'm of the opinion that the best relationships are ones that begin as friendships that grow into something more. This is the best option for me, because when I pursue women I feel an instant attraction to, I tend to lose interest as I get to know them. With women where I was friends first, I felt my attraction grow as I learned more about them. Some people want to feel "butterflies in their stomach" because they believe that this is what love feels like. I prefer to feel comfortable when I'm with a lady. That feeling of comfortable doesn't indicate "boring", just that I know for myself that I should pay attention. With my natural inclinations towards being a monk with my writing and books, whenever I feel a level of comfort with a lady and wanting to spend more time with her, this is a good sign. That butterflies in my stomach feeling only makes me want to throw up.

So, those who are reading this and contemplating your relationship or dating experiences...remember, it is critical for ladies that you marry the right guy. Loyalty should be one of the qualities you look for. Just because Mr. Hunky Stud produces a feeling of butterflies in your stomach does not mean that he is right for you or will treat you with the respect you deserve. Don't learn the hard way, when he's given you children and decides to dump you for a younger lady without children. If that happens, you're screwed. Few single men want to jump into an "instant family" with some other guys kids. The ones who do are the "saintly" types that you generally find to be boring "nice guys." Its frustrating that women don't understand men better and repeat the same patterns. Do what Chelsea Clinton is doing...marry the guy you've been friends with for a long time and feel a level of comfort with. After all, you want to like the person after the butterflies have left long ago.

It would be strange irony, indeed, if the daughter of the Clintons (with all of their front page marital woes) had a lasting marriage while the daughters of the Gores (with their fairy tale marriage) haven't been able to find such success. I think Chelsea is a pretty smart young lady. Marrying the guy she's been friends with since the 1990s is the way to go.


pat m said...

One of my mongonlian D-inlaw caucasian female friend is married to a Japanese. You are see more Cau.males with asian females...

jackerz said...

Unfortunately, Sarah Gore has divorced with Bill Lee. She recently got married with Patrick Maiani.

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