Monday, May 24, 2010

Music Video Monday: Bananarama

In honour of the 19th anniversary of the departure day from Basic Training (Thursday, 23 May 1991), this week's music video is by my favourite 80s female pop group, Bananarama. The popular departing song in Basic Training was "No More Boot Camp, No More Boot Camp, Hey Hey Goodbye!" At the time, I had no idea that Bananarama had sung a remake of this song ("Na Na Hey Hey (Kiss Him Goodbye)"). I only learned about it in previous decade when I had bought a greatest hits CD.

The last day of Basic Training was so different from the first day. For one thing, I had woken up after everyone else was already up. I couldn't believe that they let me sleep in. On the first wake up call, we heard the sound of a metal garbage can thrown across the floor and had to jump out of our sleep and stand at attention in formation.

When we boarded the bus to the airport, I looked up at the classroom where some newly formed company was having their lecture from a Navy lawyer and encouraged to tell their secrets before it was "too late." When we were up there at "Moment of Truth", the Navy lawyer had told us to take a look out the window at the company boarding the bus. He said that if we were lucky, we would be those sailors in nine weeks while another company was looking out the window and wondering what they had gotten themselves into. We survived! Most of us anyway.

I had flown down to Orlando with a group of about 6 guys. Only a couple made it to the very end in the same company as me. I was alone flying back to Atlanta, in my service dress blue uniform (commonly referred to as "the Crackerjack uniform"). I rode MARTA to the station closest to my parents house, who then came to get me when I called. Walking into my old bedroom, I remember sitting on the bed, not knowing what to do with myself. For nine weeks, I had no free time at all. I was always with other people. It was a strange feeling to not know what to do with one's free time, after having gotten used to someone else making your schedule for you. What I did do was lay down to take a nap, and I cried myself to sleep. It was a weird feeling to be back at home and to feel completely alone again.

This concludes my reminisces about the greatest experience I've ever had in life. I hope you enjoyed my Journal excerpts, Flashback Fridays, and special Music Videos relating to this experience. Don't expect this for the 20th anniversary next year! I chose 19th anniversary to do this special series on my blog because I was 19 when I went to Basic Training. Its amazing to think about, that from birth to age 19 is the same amount of time as from my 19th birthday to this point in my life. It doesn't feel the same. It seems like it took forever to reach 19, but only half as much time to reach 38. I guess Einstein is right...time is relative. The older you get, the quicker time seems to tick away.

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