Saturday, May 22, 2010

A Great Guy's Comedy

Last week, I watched the film I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell, which is based on a book of the same name. I had wanted to see this film in theaters, but it only played in one theater in Portland last year, and that theater required a long bus ride to a suburban shopping center. I'm not a fan of suburbia, so I avoid it as much as possible. I knew the film would be on DVD eventually, so I could wait.

I had bought the book a couple years ago. I had never heard of the author (a blogger named Tucker Max who supposedly got famous by blogging about his sexual exploits) but the book intrigued me enough to buy it. He recounts a lot of his sexual experiences with hundreds of ladies and as I read the book, I was shocked that there are a lot of ladies out there who don't seem to mind being used by this hopeless cad, then written about and made fun of online. Dang, some ladies have self esteem issues! And this cad makes it harder for the next guy, who likely has to deal with the emotional fallout of his misogynistic behaviours.

Feminists, for sure, would hate the book. They'd be offended by every single page. So, if you are a feminist, I don't recommend reading the book or watching the film. You'll just end up hating men even more, and think we're all like this! I can most assuredly state for the record that I am not nor are any of my friends even remotely like Tucker Max. However, as I watched the movie, I was stunned to see a character, Drew (played by Jesse Bradford), who had my sense of humour! Yikes. I love that. Throughout the film, he makes sarcastic comments to women, who end up storming off in a huff. He offends women, without meaning to do so. Its just that his sense of humour is considered too crude for the sensitive sensibilities of the fairer sex. Some of his comments have people wondering if he's a Ted Bundy-type serial killer. When one stripper yaks about things he's not interested in hearing, he remarks to her: "Less talky, more booby" (with the appropriate gestures). Hilarious!

Here's another example of Drew's brilliant wit. He tells one lady: "Oh, I'm onto your game, De Nils. Diamonds are worthless other than the value attached to them by the silly tramps you have brain washed into thinking that diamonds equal love. Guess what, sluts? Your quest for the perfect princess cut supports terrorism and genocide. Congratulations, your avarice has managed to destroy an entire continent!" That is something I've probably said (in not as many words) to a few ladies myself. I can't believe that there's actually a guy out there like me delivering the same kind of comments to materialistic ladies!

The best part of the film is when one stripper is encouraged by Drew's buddies to keep talking to him, even though she's clearly offended by his comments. She dishes back and eventually wins his heart. She later tells him that his sarcastic comments are really a mask for something else. Subconsciously, he pushes people away because he was hurt by his girlfriend cheating on him (with a white rap star with gold teeth!). However, the wit he displays throughout the movie clearly show that he's pretty intelligent and clever, and all he really needed was a lady who could keep up with him.

I relate to his character a lot, because a lot of people don't "get" my sense of humour. Yes, some people get offended (particularly feminists, who aren't generally known to have a sense of humour to begin with). However, whenever I've met ladies who could match my comments with their own witty comments, I'm naturally smitten. To this day, I still search for a lady similar to the Dominican lady I had dated in college. Every time we bumped into each other on campus and I'd ask what she planned to do for the weekend or for after graduation, her response was "Get drunk and have lots of sex!" We were both students at a very religiously conservative university, so this kind of comment to the wrong person could cause some problems with the Honour Code office. I always laughed when she said that. I once asked why she kept saying that, and she told me, "Because it always makes you laugh and I love seeing you laugh." Who could not love a lady like that? I've always gotten along better with women who are cool and have a sense of humour and have never gotten along with the "prissy", easily offended types. I think this is true of all guys, as I saw on my second ship in the Navy (the USS Simon Lake, which had a 30% female crew). Women who didn't get offended by the jokes or comments guys make were popular.

So...kudos to Jesse Bradford for an awesome performance in this film. He played me so well!

The Tucker Max character, though, is something else entirely. After I watched the film, I was grateful that I never had a friend like him growing up. He's a completely selfish prick who would abandon a drunken buddy just to fulfill some twisted sex fantasy (I won't reveal what it is, so if you're really curious, you'll just have to watch it yourself). If there are women out there who are really attracted to someone like Tucker Max, they are pretty psychologically messed up. This guy is not good for any woman, yet he's had HUNDREDS of women (or so he claims). He's a true definition of a "cad." I wonder how many women got therapy after hooking up with him? Its actually a violation of the male code to leave a woman so psychologically messed up for the next guy to deal with. Seriously! Someone should revoke his membership in the male gender. Hopefully in his next life, he will be reborn as a woman with a bad boy fixation. Karmic retribution will be a bitch!

Is the movie loyal to the book? How could it be? If I'm not mistaken, the book was taken from his blog posts, so they are written in unconnected episodes. The movie has to have a plot, which was reminiscent of last summer's The Hangover. One of the buddies is getting married and Tucker wants to take him to a stripclub in another town for a bachelor party. Some of the more memorable and hilarious episodes from the book appear in the film (such as Tucker having sex with a deaf girl, who screams so loud that the police are called to the house to investigate). Interesting enough, this film was produced by Richard "Donnie Darko" Kelly. Maybe its a good thing that Kelly did not direct this one, because he probably would have made it nonsensical, with some crazy metaphysical ideas of his. Nope...this was simply a straight-forward guy's comedy in the tradition of The 40 Year Old Virgin, Wedding Crashers, and The Hangover. I recommend it for anyone who does not get offended easy. If you are the type to get offended easy, well...I seriously hope aliens abduct your anal retentive ass and do some much needed probing!

If Tucker Max's blog could snag him a literary agent and a published book that found itself on the New York Times bestseller about my blog? Literary agents...I have a novel ready for publication which is about the camaraderie of guys in the U.S. Navy. We need more guy comedies because the romantic comedy has become a bad cliche. The funniest jokes seem to be the offensive kinds. Life is better when you don't get offended easily. One of my favourite quotes I ever heard was from a Mormon guy I knew in Italy. He said: "A fool takes offense at something that wasn't intended, but its a bigger fool who takes offense at something that was intended." So true!

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