Saturday, April 17, 2010

Teabag Time Again!

Another tax deadline has come and gone, and for the SECOND year in a row, the crazy teabaggers skipped work to show their ig'nance once again at rallies across the country. One lady on my Facebook friends list (the one whom I thank God every night is not my mother-in-law) is once again posting her ignorant, brainwashed bullshit on my Facebook wall. Does this lady ever stop? Despite our opposite opinions, though, she has not said anything that violates my standards, which is why I won't "de-friend" her. I have heard from other people in the church that they love her when she doesn't talk about politics, because she's a completely different person. When she gets on her political kick, though, its like a zombie appears (maybe she has that Michael Jackson "Thriller" thing going on...changing back and forth between the likable person and the Glenn Beck/Fox News zombie).

In her opinion, teabaggers are mostly the moderate middle of Republicans, Democrats, and independents. She claims that she knows several "Obama voters", which I find highly suspect. One thing I know is that many conservatives who vote Republican claim to be "independent" because they don't want to show their political bias. They want people to think that they are "independent" and weighing both parties' platform carefully and deciding that the Republican Party is best. Or, they want to make their cause seem more credible by claiming to have voted for Obama and being disappointed by his presidency because of his "fascist, socialist, communist, Marxist, terrorist, Muslim agenda." Seriously! If they really believe that about Obama and voted for him in 2008, then they are STUPID FUCKING MORONS! Why would you vote for a candidate you believe represents all those things you dislike? Like I said, the claims that these teabaggers supposedly voted for Obama in 2008 is about as credible as a Pope claiming that his priests don't molest altar boys. Further point, I can PROVE that I voted for Obama. Can they? My ballot was photocopied and framed, hanging on a wall in my apartment.

There are many reasons why teabaggers have ZERO credibility with me. The biggest reason is that these people were SILENT during the Bush era. There were no protests going on by these people when Bush passed a retroactive tax cut in 2001 and again in 2002. There was no protest again when Bush passed a $600 (or more) tax rebate to EVERY family in 2008 to stimulate the economy. This rebate was from borrowed money, since our government was already deep in deficits. And let's not forget the darling of the right, Vice President Dick Cheney saying in the early part of the decade that "deficits don't matter." SILENCE. Like a mouse in church.

That's just a few reasons. The silence during the Bush years of corporate malfeasance, bailouts, and taxcuts. Who was protesting during the Bush years? The liberals and progressives who had a whole host of grievances: the stolen election of 2000, Enron, energy policy written by oil companies, environmental policy written by industrial polluters, war crimes, torture, FISA, USA PATRIOT Act, GITMO, rendition, violations of the U.S. Constitution, illegal war, gross incompetence. I attended quite a few protests in the previous decade and can attest that it was a mostly liberal crowd. There were some hoodlums in masks and the letter "A" (for Anarchy) prominently displayed, which used such protests to destroy property, but they were few and far between. To say that today's teabaggers attended those rallies is a LIE and historical revisionism. Based on the signs seen at teabagger rallies, its obvious to anyone with working eyesight that these people have a major grievance against our first black president. Obama as "The Joker" is the most obscene because it conjures up images from our racist past, when whites donned blackface and acted with exaggerated stereotypes about black people being shucking and jiving, lazy, do-nothings, who are eager to please "massa" while stealing your chicken and watermelon. Anyone who cannot see the connection between "blackface" / minstrel shows and the Obama as "The Joker" signs does not understand our history.

Any meaningful dialogue towards understanding requires a foundation of honesty. However, when a person is so thoroughly indoctrinated (or brainwashed), they cannot see the truth and keep repeating the same lies. They base their worldview on this. They have no idea that they are being used and manipulated for nefarious purposes. Its a tragedy, because as President Lincoln once said, our nation cannot continue on a course that is "half slave and half free." In the modern context, one could point out the growing divide between the educated class and the uneducated class. I notice it at work, the huge psychological difference between those who have college degrees and have traveled overseas versus those with only a high school education and rarely even leave the state, much less the country. One class of people values education while another class is proud of their ignorance, and support candidates who encourage them to remain ignorant because "education is elitist."

Sometimes, I think America should split into two. The educated class can live in one country and the ignorant class can live in the other. We'll see which side ends up a better place to live. In reality, though, we don't need to split into two countries to see the results. There have been reports released and articles about interesting statistics between the "red states" and the "blue states." The "red" conservative-voting states have higher incidents of teen pregnancy, abortion, divorces, and porn consumption. The "blue" liberal-voting states have sex education, lower abortion rates, lower divorce rates, and lower crime. Coincidence? Or do you think that better education and better policies improve the quality of people's lives and choices?

I know that "ignorance" is a highly charged word for most people. Even ignorant people who claim to be proud of their "ig'nance" get offended when you point out their ignorance. Why not call a spade a spade? If you reject being informed on the issues and prefer to cling to everything Glenn Beck or Rush Limbaugh or your Fox New Channel ministers of propaganda speaks, what is the point of your life? To be a slave for a wealthy corporate executive that wants you to be content with your fat, ignorant, crappy mediocrity?

Many of these teabaggers are evangelical types, which also goes along with the great divide of social classes in our country. Most of my progressive, liberal, college educated, well traveled group of friends are also not traditionally religious. Many are even atheist / humanist / agnostic. These kind of statistics only fuel the perception that the liberal / left is associated with atheistic communism...but here's something to consider. When Christianity encourages obedience, submission to authority, and blind faith in the opinions made by long dead writers rather than actual facts, it will continue to lose members. Europe has become a secular place. There's an irony to all of that, since our nation was founded by pioneers who wanted to escape the brutal oppression of the Church in Europe. Now, its the religious people in our country who want to enslave us all in their cult of ignorance, coded racism, and historical revisionism.

Well, Teabaggers, it ain't gonna happen as long as I'm alive. I pledge my life on whatever battle you want to wage for the future of America. I stand with diversity, enlightenment, inclusion, education, and cooperation. What do you stand for? Slavery to ignorance, to corporate executives, and to charlatan preachers of a capitalist god? Over my dead fucking body. I do not cede any part of the United States of America to your backwards-looking agenda. This is my country and I want it to become a better place for all, not just the corporate few.

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