Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Blagojevich Fired Again!

On Sunday's The Celebrity Apprentice, the Governor who was fired last year by the Illinois state legislature for his inappropriate scheme to "sell" President Obama's vacated Senate seat to the highest bidder found himself fired again. This time by the Trumpster, himself. Boo yah! In the battle between the two men best known for their hair, the one who looks like he wears a dead animal on his head won over the natural-hair guy.

The firing was the most logical choice. Though I would have liked to see him continue to make an ass out of himself on the show for a couple more weeks, the men's team is losing too many competitions and I didn't want to see the other guys go just yet. When the show debuted a month ago, I knew about all of the men, but on the women's side, I had only heard of Sharon Osbourne and Cyndi Lauper. I had no idea who the other women were. During the board room decompression part of the show, its interesting to see how none of the women want to speak poorly of their teammates, even when The Donald is badgering them to throw one another under the bus.

On the men's team, impeached Governor Blagojevich doesn't want to speak ill of his teammates, either. And Trump reminds viewers and everyone else that he understands Blago's predicament. Apparently, the disgraced governor faces a trial for his criminal activity. Trump implies that if Blago speaks poorly of any of his teammates, he risks alienating some potential member of his jury. Wouldn't doing this show, then, be a huge conflict of interest? I'm still baffled why anyone thought it was a good idea to have Blago on the show. Most especially, Blago himself. If he had hoped to restore his image and convince viewers of his innocence, he did a piss poor job. In fact, he came across as an incompetent, pompous ass. The people of Illinois are probably thanking their state Senator and Representatives for impeaching and removing the idiot from the governorship.

Sunday's episode was about creating a three-dimensional Harry Potter-themed activity for the upcoming Universal Studios Orlando theme park: The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Blagojevich was selected to be the project manager for this one, and as Curtis, the celebrity chef pointed out, Blago was terrible in the role. He delegated way too much responsibility to Bret Michaels (the lead singer of 80s hair-metal band Poison) as the creative director and not enough to everyone else. Most of all, he did not even have someone research the details of the Harry Potter books and movies so that he could be accurate. Children care about the details. I'm not (nor ever have been) into Harry Potter, so I couldn't care less...but I imagine that I would laugh at someone who mixed up a Star Wars theme ride or activity with Star Trek characters and terminology.

As I watched Blagojevich in a leadership role, I was not impressed. In fact, I wondered how this idiot managed to get elected to such a lofty office. The mark of a good leader is someone who knows how to delegate to the right people, and Blago certainly did that with his selection of Bret Michaels as his creative director. However, he was too hands off and his inability to use technology (other than a cell phone) to communicate are huge negatives. I got the impression that he probably relied a lot on political aides to do most of the work for him. This is actually the kind of job I've been interested in, though I have not yet found a winning candidate to assist in this way. I can see the appeal of being a political aide for someone like Blago, though. He comes across as a typical extroverted personality (he seeks to shake the hands of everyone, including the bellhop, the doorman, the limo driver, and everyday people on the streets of New York). I know a few extroverts who I admire for their easy ability to strike up a conversation with anyone. They aren't the best at focusing on the nitty-gritty details, thus need a detail-oriented guy like me to help them in their careers. These people are best at "selling" or reaching out and bringing people together.

In the end, because the children (the target test audience) had mentioned that the men's team got the details wrong, this was probably the biggest reason why they lost. I personally thought the women's team were better overall (though Cyndi was kind of annoying this time around). During the board room conversation with Trump, we saw the pure politician that Blagojevich is. He is a master at filibustering bullshit! Though its commendable that he did not want to blame his creative director for the reason why they lost, there were moments when he tried to talk his way out of Trump's questions about his failure as a project manager.

Michael Johnson (whose claim to fame is "the fastest man in the world" at the 1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta) was able to call the filibustering politician on his b.s. I like that Johnson told it like it is. Blago is a terrible liar. The Government (and FBI) should have no problem making their case against the incompetent and unethical governor. If Blago is smart, he won't go on the defense stand to incriminate himself further. You know that the FBI had to be watching this show for clues into the mind of a master bullshitter.

When Trump said the famous words, I actually cheered. I did not want to see the other men leave just yet and by this point in the show, I believe Blago has made as much of an ass of himself that there's no need to watch his trainwreck any further. The jury doesn't need to be out on this verdict: Blago is an idiot.

Its amazing to realize that this guy once thought of himself as Presidential material. His vanity probably comes from the fact that he still has a full head of thick hair at an age when most men start seeing more of their skulls. Most politicians who reach the Governorship or the Senate start thinking of themselves as potential presidential candidates. But someone with incredible self-awareness would do a reality check. For Blagojevich, he had two major strikes against him (before the scandal): his last name and the election of another Illinois politician. Its not likely that Illinois will get back-to-back presidents (this includes Hillary Clinton, despite her migration to New York in 2000). What's in Blagojevich's future? I don't know. To be fired twice so publically in consecutive years is not a good way to rebuild his image. Better hope his wife has a lot of money, because his days in politics are over. I don't think any company that cares about its brand will want him either, especially when his poor project management skills are there for everyone to see. Maybe he can be on Dancing With the Stars next. If a dick like Tom DeLay can do it, so can Blagojevich.


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