Thursday, March 11, 2010

A Public Apology

I had an interesting day on Wednesday, where I received an email indicating that a couple people were upset with comments I had written in a few previous posts regarding my feelings about a certain lady. In fact, I wasn't very kind in my comments referencing her fiance and I was wrong for making them. Granted, this is a personal blog in which I believe I am upholding my standards of honesty in how I feel about certain issues, experiences, and people. However, I should have been more thoughtful and considerate towards the feelings of others, since this is such a public forum. I need to take full responsibility for the words I put out there, and my intention was never to hurt anyone's feelings. A public blog is probably not the best place to sort out my own feelings about a certain lady who has been nothing but kind towards me. In fact, she has been what I consider to be the truest friend I have met in Portland, and my words towards the man she is engaged to marry in June were unnecessary and hurtful. I failed to be as good a friend to her as she has been towards me, and I regret that.

Out of respect for their request, I have removed all the offending remarks in previous posts (though I left the comments that reflect my feelings towards her). I also will not post my thoughts or opinions about their relationship on this blog. They are not public people and thus entitled to a private life without comments, judgments, or cynicism. The truth is, this lady is a rare find. A catch. A diamond in a pile of synthetics. She found love and made a difficult decision to move to Europe out of that love. Anytime you make a choice from the basis of love, it can never be wrong. They are a couple who have managed to find one another in this grand world of ours and they deserve support and congratulations. Though they certainly did not seek nor do they need it, they have my best wishes for their upcoming marriage. I sincerely wish them all the blessings heaven will allow for the rest of their life together.

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