Monday, March 01, 2010

Music Video Monday: Whitney Houston

In honour of the great job Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada did in hosting the 21st Winter Olympic Games, this week's music video selection is Whitney Houston's anthem for the 1988 Summer Olympics in Seoul, South Korea. I still think it is one of Whitney's best and most inspiring songs, and very appropriate for an Olympic Games theme. The video is simply a montage of various images from the 1984 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles.

Now with the Olympic Games overwith, my evenings are free once again to continue my job search. It was a nice two week diversion. The opening weekend of the Vancouver games, the news reported various liberal groups clashing with the police in their protest of various issues (homelessness, corporate sponsorship, the impact on the environment, the expense that could be better utilized elsewhere, and other worthy issues near and dear to the liberal cause). However, I am a liberal who cares about those issues, yet I don't understand the anti-Olympics mindset of these liberal activists. I see the Olympics as a great thing. Sure, its expensive. But the whole point of the Olympics is for the world to take a break from the pressing issues of the day to come together in peaceful competition and be inspired by the amazing feats of athleticism of the people who have trained and practiced for this moment. The Olympics should be free of politics and focus on the goodwill and fellowship of one another.

I am one person who draws inspiration from the Olympics. I always have. For as long as I remember, even before I understood what it was about (I'm thinking that I probably was first exposed to the Olympics in 1976, though I was 4 years old and my parents watched the games). I never got into sports watching, but the Olympics are definitely must see for me. In fact, since childhood, I've always been drawn towards international events that featured people from around the world (this holds true in beauty pageants, as I always preferred watching the Miss Universe pageant over the Miss USA pageant). I don't always root for Team USA, either. For the 1992 Barcelona Olympics, I was so turned off by the arrogance of "The Dream Team" basketball team that I wanted them to lose. I'm glad that practice was moderated, because those professional basketball players looked like they didn't want to be at the Olympics and they were depriving college basketball players of their chance at glory.

So...if you're one of those progressive activists who protest the Olympic Games, please save your politics for another day. Enjoy the games and the spirit of international fellowship. These moments happen so infrequently that we should set aside our political agendas for a couple weeks and just celebrate our diversity while finding inspiration in the stories and amazing feats of these wonderful athletes.

Only two more years until the London Games. Though I love both the Winter and Summer Olympics, I find the Winter Olympics to be more fun to watch. If I was an Olympic athlete, I would be a downhill skier. That's my favourite event.

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