Monday, March 22, 2010

Music Video Monday: Bruce Springsteen

In honour of last week's Bruce Springsteen Eucharist, this week's music video is his "Dancing in the Dark," which ranks up there as one of my favourite songs by him. I was quite surprised when it was one of the song selections for the Eucharist, as the song has some veiled references to activities that are likely to happen after a hot Saturday night date, rather than a message that is appropriate for church. But, its inclusion in the Eucharist shows me how daring the Trinity Episcopal Church is to bring their ministry into the modern world. Churches shouldn't shy away from popular culture, because that's the reality of our society.

This video is now best known for being the first appearance of actress Courtney Cox (who played Monica on the hit 1990s sitcom Friends). She's the cute young lady who is pulled up on stage to dance with The Boss. I think she looks better with short hair. I wonder if her appearing in a Springsteen video set her off on a Hollywood career. These days, there are hundreds, if not thousands, of reality-show alumni who hope to parlay their screen time into a longer and more successful career. Fame is a dime a dozen these days. Its hard to believe that video is now 25 years old. Bruce Springsteen was my favourite male singer in 1985. His music dominated the airwaves in 1984-1985. I'm glad that he's still making good music, though I much prefer his stuff with the E Street Band than his folksy, Dylanesque albums.

Here's hoping that you're not dancing in the dark!

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Trish and Rob MacGregor said...

Good one! We've got a synchro coming up on him in a few days.