Monday, February 08, 2010

Music Video Monday: U2 and Green Day

In honour of yesterday's Superbowl, I am posting a video by U2 and Green Day, called, "The Saints Are Coming." This year, I rooted for the New Orleans Saints, just because their victory would be a huge morale boost for a city that still has not fully recovered from the worst natural disaster our country has seen in a long time: 2005's Hurricane Katrina and the aftermath.

This music video features images from the disaster. It was awesome that two super bands teamed up for a special song tribute to New Orleans. Both U2 and Green Day are pretty conscientious, though, so its not surprising. May the Saints Go Marching On! Laissez les bontemps roulez!

During the fourth quarter, it was sweet to see the long run down the field for what would be the final touchdown of the game. It looked like the Colts had been too demoralized by the previous touchdown that they gave up any hope of winning at that point. New Orleans knows how to party and don't really need an excuse, but by the two touchdowns in the final quarter, you can bet that people in bars all along Bourbon Street in New Orleans were whooping it up like crazy!

My apartment complex had a Superbowl viewing party in the lobby with a big screen TV. Since my TV doesn't pick up CBS, I'm glad that they had this party. The concierge had catered hot dogs, chips and soda...which increases the turn out for this game, though many came to get their food to bring back to their apartments. I was glad that vegetarian hot dogs were offered, although the taste takes some getting used to.

On Friday at work, we had a clean up day after the office supplied lunch, which was also hot dogs. I did not have any, since they were meat. My supervisor let me have one of her bean burritos instead, for which I was grateful. Well, when I walked into the kitchen to heat it up, I overheard the School Marm criticizing me to another lady about my supposed hypocrisy. She said something like, "He won't eat a hot dog because its made out of meat, but he'll eat a burrito?" Her back was to me and she shut up pretty quick when I said, "Is there a problem? I'm having a bean and cheese burrito." This incident only reminds me how annoying her personality is. Its truly the equivalent of nails down a chalkboard. She's so grating in her wrong opinionated comments, as she's quick to make assumptions all the time. It makes me wonder how some people manage to be wrong so many times. She's a know-it-all type (part of the reason why I refer to her as "The School Marm", the other reason is because she looks and acts like one), so its always hilarious to me when her ignorance is exposed for others to see.

I didn't realize that my vegetarian diet would become so controversial, though. In the lunchroom, another lady (also an unhappy, morbidly obese woman who is about as pleasant as a rash) tried to point out my hypocrisy because I have brought to potluck on more than a few occasions my specialty dish of shrimp creole over rice. I can't believe people take issue with my decision to ban beef, pork, turkey, and chicken from my diet. My decision has nothing to do with any of them. Its a personal thing. So, I explained that the reason why I decided to become a vegetarian is because of the environmental impact that meat consumption has on our planet. I also explained that it was hypocritical of me to eat beef or pork when I personally would never kill a cow or a pig.

Fishing is different, though, because I have fished before and would do it if I had to in order to eat. Though its still meat and though I also realize that an increase in fish (and seafood) consumption also has an impact on our environment, I still won't give up seafood at this point. I've done pretty well so far, though. I gave up eating beef and pork/ham on November 1st. Turkey was next after Christmas. My ban on chicken went into effect on February 1st. People who want to nitpick my diet and call me a hypocrite because they think I'm cheating...well, what can I say? Its just one more example why I do not get along with morbidly obese and unhappy middle aged white women. They need to focus on their own damn problems and stop worrying about what I eat and my reasons for eating what I eat. Maybe if they ate less, they'd be less miserable!

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