Monday, February 22, 2010

Music Video Monday: Olympic Special

For this week's music video selection, I'm going with two, in honour of the 21st Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The first one is from French-Canadian chanteuse Celine Dion, who sang a beautiful theme song, "The Power of the Dream" at the opening ceremonies of the 1996 Summer Olympic Games in Atlanta. This song was not a "official theme song" of the Atlanta Olympics, though. However, it was quite popular and played frequently during that awesome summer when the world finally came to Atlanta, Georgia. I still get chills listening to this song, and I don't even like Celine Dion very much.

The second music video is from Gloria Estefan, a Cuban-American, who was tasked with the "official theme song" to the 1996 Olympic Games: "Reach", which I don't think is nearly as good as "The Power of the Dream" or even Whitney Houston's theme for the 1988 Summer Olympic Games, "One Moment in Time." I have "Reach" on a CD single, which features remixes of the song and the faster tempo version of "Reach" is actually much better. However, I do love Gloria Estefan, even though her music got way too mellow with age. Her "Conga" and "The Rhythm is Gonna Get You" are still fantastic body movers on any dance floor. She's also quite beautiful and another reason why I love my ladies racially diverse. I think its interesting that the organizers of the Atlanta Olympic Games chose a French-Canadian and a Cuban-American to sing theme songs for the opening and closing ceremonies, rather than go with something a little more urban and local (like TLC). It shows that they were thinking of a global audience for radio airplay.

Only one more week to enjoy these Vancouver Olympics...and I'm still dreaming of trying to find a ride up there for at least a day trip on the final weekend. Its something I'd like to experience for myself, even if I don't see any events. I just like the energy of people from around the world coming together in the spirit of goodwill. The Olympics in 1996 was a great thing for Atlanta, even though Atlanta wasn't such a great host for the Olympics (see my post on August 8, 2008 for more about this). Atlanta was never the same after the Olympics finished. Vancouver, however, is a world-class city with or without these games.

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