Monday, January 18, 2010

Music Video Monday: Keb Mo

On Friday of this week, I have a special Flashback Friday post on Keb Mo because it marks the ten year anniversary of my discovery of his music. For Music Video Monday, I have found on YouTube a video of his performance of the song that captured my attention as I walked through Union Station a decade ago: "A Better Man." This version is more stripped-down than the recording on his album Slow Down, but its still good. Over the years, each album of his has impressed me because there was always one or two songs on each album that spoke directly to my experience around the time I bought the album. Because of that strange musical synchronicity with my life, Keb Mo holds a unique distinction among all musical artists that I like. Not even Johnny Clegg or U2 have that kind of synchronicity rate with my life.

Keb Mo hasn't released an album since 2006, I'm hoping that one is forthcoming soon. I saw him in concert in Atlanta in 2001 and it was great. I've missed seeing a few of his concerts in Portland, though. If you haven't discovered his music, what are you waiting for? His blues are so upbeat, you can't help but feel lifted up even if you are going through your own set of blues. He's simply brilliant that way, and "A Better Man" is the perfect example of his musical genius. This song is also quite appropriate for the Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday as well.


brooklyn said...

i enjoyed that very much--thanks!

Sean Langdon said...

I liked Keb Mo's "Follow Me Up" from the "toched by An Angel" Soundtrack.