Monday, January 25, 2010

Music Video Monday: Boukman Eksperyans

With last Friday's Hope For Haiti Now telethon, organized by George Clooney (was I right or what when I called him the epitome of cool and named him the Best Actor of the Decade?!?), I wanted to spotlight Haiti's best known music group: Boukman Eksperyans. I heard of them in the mid-1990s but didn't listen to their music until I found a copy of their cd Kalfou Danjere at the local library when I was in college. I was hooked, particularly with the catchy song "Jou Nou Revolte." I don't know what the title means, because its the Creole dialect of French, which is the equivalent of "pidgin English" that is spoken in the islands of the South Pacific (and even among Hawaiian natives).


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