Friday, January 01, 2010

Happy New Decade



I was going to write a Flashback Friday post about the best New Year's Eve event I ever participated in, but it'll take awhile to write and there are other things I need to do rather than spend the time writing it. Maybe next Friday.

I haven't even formed my official New Year's Resolution yet, but you can bet that landing a new job is absolutely critical this year. I've wasted three years of my life in this dysfunctional and dead end office environment. You'd think that I learned everything I needed to learn in order to move on, right? We'll see what this new year brings. Because I'm especially determined to get out of here sooner rather than later, I will be blogging less until I land a new job. I love keeping a blog and finding things to write about. With all that I've written in the past few years, you'd think that I would have exhausted myself, right? Well, believe it or not, last year there were several posts that I wanted to write but did not due to my restriction on posting only one post per day (with minimal exceptions for breaking news).

This year, I plan to have posts on Monday, Wednesdays, and Fridays. This means Music Video Mondays and Flashback Fridays will resume, leaving Wednesday for my "whatever posts." Of course, if anything major happens that is blogworthy, I'll probably write about it. However, I intend to spend EVERY AVAILABLE SATURDAY doing nothing but applying to jobs online. This includes local jobs as well as private contractor jobs overseas. I want a major change in the first quarter of 2010...preferably in the first month.

In keeping with the spirit of doing something new / different / unique in the new year, I've decided to use what many organizations do for events. They pick a theme. So will I. For me, 2010's theme is: "New Year, New Decade, New Experiences, New Career." For my New Year's Eve countdown...there won't be any party like last year's 80's themed party. I wanted a solo event...with a private ritual. I burned slips of paper that have all of my frustrations written on them, covering the past decade. Its symbolic of letting go and starting fresh. The last decade went horribly off track, with none of my goals accomplished.

What I can say for the last decade, though, is that I did get to travel quite a bit across and around this great country of ours and I definitely became more spiritually aware. Now its time to move to the next level.

Thank you to those who read my blog on a frequent or regular basis. I appreciate your interest in my thoughts, ideas, and experiences in life. Hopefully this year will be full of good surprises as my life goes in a new direction. Here's to long-overdue success finally finding its way to me!

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Mike said...

Nicholas ~ Happy New Year and good luck on finding that career you've wanted for so long. Like you, this year for me is a focus on "me". I need to be by myself this year and try and learn who I am again. I'm pretty sure that things will look up for me when I find myself.

Time will tell