Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Sue Me, Baby, Sue Me!

Last weekend, after Governor Palin's resignation bombshell, there were news reports that she plans to sue bloggers and journalists who have "unfairly" gone after her and wrote "false" rumours about her life. This, coming from a woman who has called Obama a "socialist" and accused him of "palling around with domestic terrorists" and referred to David Letterman as a "pedophile." The lady can dish, but like Rush, can't stand the heat when its on her.

The more I learn about her, the dumber she appears. She's a public figure, so libel laws are harder to prove. Hillary Clinton has been subjected to far worse accusations than Palin could ever dream of enduring. Remember...Hillary has been called a lesbian and a murderer. What could be worse than that? To the Secretary of State's credit, I don't recall ever hearing Hillary dignify those rightwing accusations with any kind of response. Palin, on the other hand, too easily gets into a tizzy when she feels unfairly mocked or has taken satirical jokes to be serious accusations. Late night comedians use politicians as punching bags all the time! Both Clinton and Bush had far worse jokes said about them than Palin.

Okay, so maybe Letterman went a little too far joking about her daughter being a slut, but Palin was the one who put her children on public display and continually uses her children as props (such as her resignation speech when she had them standing up front by her and mentioning that she had polled her children about her decision to leave the governor's office). I believe it falls under the "fair game" category. If a politician is going to use their children for a political agenda, then they waived their right to complain how their children might be perceived in the public sphere.

After the election, news came out that Palin had criticized liberal bloggers, blaming us for wrecking her carefully crafted public image. She seems to have a real chip on her shoulder about people questioning her intellect. I suppose its her biggest insecurity. Its the fear of being perceived as an empty-headed beauty queen (a stereotype enhanced further by the notorious Miss South Carolina--"US American" and Miss California--"opposite marriage"). Palin thought Katie Couric was mean to her because the newscaster dared asked her a "gotcha question" about what magazines and newspapers she read. Palin is someone who doesn't like being revealed for who she really is: ignorant and way in over her head. If she can't answer simple questions posed to her, how can she answer the complex questions to show some kind of depth? The biggest sign of her insecurity about being perceived as ignorant was her response after she learned that she had not been talking with French President Nicolas Sarkozy, but that the phonecall was a radio prank. She sounded like she was about to cry as she handed the phone to her assistant.

It's apparent to me that she got a free ride to where she's at, and she probably got by on her winks and charm. When I watched her first interview, with Charles Gibson, I was shocked by her flirtatious manner of speaking with him. She winked, licked her lips suggestively, touched him, and giggled. Her entire demeanor wasn't one that demanded you take her seriously and listen to what she had to say. She truly came across as a big come on, playing like she's available if the chemistry's right...so long as you give her what she wants. In the debate with Joe Biden, she winked and flirted with the camera, for all those red-blooded All-American rednecks out there who love their "broads" dumb and sexy.

In my last job in Atlanta, I knew a lady like her. One lady I worked closely with had retired. I was sad to see her leave, as I knew that she was good at her job and I enjoyed working with her. When they announced her replacement, I was shocked. The young lady was clueless about the programs and difficult to work with. She was nowhere near the best person for that position. However, there was a rumour circulating that she had an affair with the head guy. Some claimed that they didn't think there was an affair, but there was something going on. This young lady was pretty cute and whenever she wanted something from me, she knew how to flirt and act sweet and helpless. I fell for it a couple times before I learned her true nature. She would barely talk to me unless she wanted something. I supposed that she was this way with the head guy. There are women out there like that, as well as men in powerful positions who fall for it. While I don't know if an actual affair took place or not, I do know that she was promoted into a job she was not qualified for and she even admitted to a guy I worked with that she felt way in over her head and couldn't believe that management thought she qualified for that position.

To me, that's the only thing that explains Sarah Palin's quick rise in the Republican Party. If the only thing we changed about her was her looks, there is simply no way she would have made it as far as she did. She had the telegenic looks, conservative background, and family life that fit all the points of the Republican dream candidate sheet. The only thing lacking was a brain.

There is speculation on some blogs and websites that Republican Party operatives might have been the ones to have presented her with damaging information that would be released unless she resigned. They know that she's not good for the future viability of the party, which would show that they learned from the disaster that was Bush. Its fun to speculate on what the real reason behind her resignation is, because it could be any number of factors. Knowing the truth would help us to understand not only her, but the Republican Party, and various interests within that party. I've read some people's comments thinking that McCain might be the culprit to get revenge for the way she cost him the election. However, I don't buy that rationale, because I have a feeling that he didn't really want to be president (his behaviour last year was oddly out of character). Had he won in 2000, though, I have no doubt that our country would be much better off today.

The reasons for the speculation on why Palin resigned are deciphered through facts that we know for sure: husband Todd was called back from a fishing trip to attend that press conference; Palin's press secretary was on vacation in New York at that time; Palin's rambling speech and demeanor seemed nervous and afraid. She spoke at length about how defending herself from lawsuits have cost the Alaska taxpayer over 2 million dollars (which was far above what the real cost was: $300,000 to investigate Troopergate). Perhaps any day now, the truth will be revealed. Unless its a blackmail situation where someone told her that they had information on her that would be released to the public unless she resigned. As much as I dislike her, I hope its not a blackmail scenario. She should finish out her term of office like the voters elected her to do.

I know a few Palin fans. My supervisor at work always defends her whenever I criticize the Alaska Governor's experience or intelligence. The lady from church that I had a falling out with earlier this year was a Palin supporter (because Palin's just like her and the people she knows!). I don't understand why people who don't give a rat's ass about politics and governing think its a good thing to elect equally ignorant and disinterested people to public office. I guess I have a personal motive for this view, as I studied hard in college in my focus on international politics and my neverending goal is to get a government job. I've done my homework and I care about our government and want it to be the best in the world.

That's why I see as a threat these anti-government types who want ignorant people just like them in power. Most of these people probably never been out of the country, so they have no idea just how bad our education system is. Europeans are pretty highly educated and their news broadcasts are very substantive, so how is it doing our country any favours if we elect the village idiot to dialogue with highly educated sophisticates? Don't these ignoramuses understand that our Founding Fathers were some of the most intelligent people of their era? Now, they want to be led by morons like Bush and Palin, all because they don't want an intelligent president to remind them of their own ignorance?

So, Sarah, if you happen to be reading this or any other post I've done on you for the past ten months...yeah, I don't like you. I think you're a shallow, phony, ignorant, petty woman with nothing going for you except your looks. You might have been able to charm your way to power with a bunch of horny old men opening doors for you that have been denied to more worthy individuals, but you've been found out. There's no chance you'll ever be president because liberals and independents don't like you and neither do the financial backers of the Republican Party. All you got is your ignorant base of rednecks, where the men dream about sleeping with you and the women wish they could be like you. If you don't like what I have to say, then you can sue me, baby. Sue me! I welcome a good debate with you in the Courts. If what I say is libelous, you're going to have to prove that you're not an ignorant phony.

Remember this photo, Sarah? You put your hand on the Bible *((THE BIBLE!))* and swore to uphold the duties of the office you were elected to in November 2006. How can you go back on your word now? You swore it to God, of all people! Does that not mean anything to you, Miss Pentacostal Apocalypse? Good riddance, Governor Palin. Your Warhol mandated fifteen minutes are officially up. Exit stage right and don't make a scene.

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