Sunday, December 14, 2008

Scene I Waited Years to See!

News reported on Sunday that Bush was in Iraq once again to prove how "successful" his war of choice has been. It's part of his plan to shore up his legacy, as he believes that his entire legacy rests on the success of Iraqi democracy (conveniently ignoring the squandering of the surplus, ignoring warnings of the 9/11 attacks, sitting in a classroom all clueless when the attacks happen, letting New Orleans drown, hiring an administration full of incompetents, and watching the economy go bust in the biggest way since Hoover was president). Yet, this trip was secret, as we didn't hear about it in advance for security reasons.

So, at the press conference, an Iraqi journalist managed to do what I'm sure many people around the world wish they could do: throw something at Bush. I have to admit that I love watching the footage. To see Bush look scared and duck is something I've waited years to see. Every time I saw his smirk since 2000, I just wanted to throw something at him to wipe that off his face. I believe that Bush should be forced to walk a gauntlet of Americans from D.C. to Dallas when he leaves office. All along the route, Americans on both sides of the street are allowed to throw tomatoes and rotten eggs at him. The theory is that, by the end of such a long walk, he will never smirk again. He will be a broken man who realizes just how hated he truly is. For a man who lived his whole life in a bubble and never been held accountable for all his incompetence that resulted in disasters for everyone else, he needs to learn the depth of how disasterous his actions have been.

We won't get that chance to throw tomatoes, rotten eggs, or even cream pies at to the Iraqi journalist who bravely threw both shoes at him, I want to say, "Thank you! Thank you for doing something I've wanted to do but couldn't." The video footage is priceless. I know it's not good to find satisfaction in something like that...but when a person is so clueless about the damage he has done to so many people around the world, anything that breaks through his bubble is a godsend. It does the soul of Bush no favours by allowing him to live in a fantasy bubble, clueless to the bad effects he has had on our planet. If he doesn't have accountability, then people throwing things at him is perhaps the best we'll ever get.


Mike said...

The fact that it was a shoe is even more of a slam that what is being said. In Arab countries, showing the sole of your shoe is a total insult.

Sansego said...

It's only an insult if you take it as such. In an interview, Bush said that he did not find it to be an insult.

His facial expression when the shoes were being tossed is priceless, though. He generally did look scared!

Mandalynn said...

I am not a fan of Bush - far from it, but I can't believe someone would throw a shoe at him (or any world leader holding a press conference). The only thing I find more surprising is the fact that people think he shouldn't be arrested. I'm sorry, but if you throw a shoe at anyone you should be arrested for assault.

Unknown said...

I thought it was hilarious! LOL Especially with the second shoe. I was wondering what took the Secret Service so long to respond...Do you think they secretly wished something like that would happen also?

Sansego said...

It's the French Revolutionary in me...but I believe that people who abuse their power in government, business, or religion...that it is a just thing if the people rise up and humiliate them or retaliate.

Bush, who executed over 150 prisoners when he was governor, and who actually smirked and stifled a laugh in a state of the union when mentioning that there were some people who would never be a threat to the U.S. anymore...he who feels a right to be sadistic to other people...well, I have no respect for him and I'm glad that the Iraqi reporter threw two shoes at him. I'd love to see the whole country throw things at him on the way out of the White House on January 20th. He came into office with eggs being pelted at his limousine during the Inaugural parade.

I just think there is an unspoken agreement between leaders and the people they lead. Abuse of power negates that agreement and all bets are off. I don't feel sorry for Bush at all. He deserved it. The Iraqi reporter is a hero.