Monday, December 29, 2008

Music Video Monday: Man in the Mirror

Since tomorrow is my birthday, I decided to pick for this week's music video selection a song that still resonates with me, twenty years later. It's Michael Jackson's "Man in the Mirror", of course. With all my nostalgic focus on the year 1988, why not pick a song from that year for the last Music Video Monday of the year?

The music video is a series of images from world history about the best and the worst of humanity. I'm not sure what Michael Jackson wishes to convey, other than maybe we all possess the capability for great evil and great compassion, and the choice is up to us which side we choose in every instance.

As we move into 2009, I am hoping that all the self-reflection I've done this year will result in something good...namely, landing the job that suits my passions, interest, abilities, and values. Yes, all year long, I looked into the mirror and want to "make that change."

It's a perfect song to end the year on, as we get ready to make our New Years resolutions about what we each hope to change and accomplish in our lives for the coming year. Whatever may be the case for the coming year, I hope that it truly is a year of changes. I'm so ready for some good changes in my life. I think I truly earned such good fortune for 2009.

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