Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve Already?!?'s already Christmas Eve! Hard to believe. One week left in a year that has truly been one of the most dramatic ones I've ever witnessed. From the dramas of the primary season: Obama versus Clinton; Romney versus Huckabee versus McCain; seeing Giuliani's campaign go down in defeat while actor Fred Thompson's campaign stalls out the starting gate (cuz he's lazy!); across the board elections in Oregon from the mayor's race to three City Council races; a nail-biting Senate race; Clintons and Obama coming to Oregon to draw out the voters; to the drama of Sarah Palin (still the best dramatic show of the fall season...glad it got cancelled though. Couldn't live through that for four years!)...none of this matches the ongoing drama at work, however.

That's right...I work for a lady who had so much family drama this year that I told her Hollywood should come calling for movie rights. As amusing as it might be, it also made my job a living hell as I've had to pick up her slack while still trying to learn her confusing accounting system that's about as logical as a Scientologist in a psychiatrist's office. On top of her OCD micromanaging style, she truly makes Miranda Priestly of The Devil Wears Prada look reasonable, and she'll proudly tell anyone that Miranda wishes that she was as demanding as my supervisor. Despite our difference in style and outlook (I love my drama-free life. Most people might think it's boring but I'm all about self-education and self-improvement), we get along. However...if you think I want to endure another year of her neverending dramas, you must be crazy!

I won't talk about the other lady I share an office space with. I've already wasted too many words about our battles. I'm actually increasing my compassion for her as I read Marianne Williamson's A Return to Love. Had I known this book was that good, I'd have read it years ago!!! But I'm reading it now and hopefully the message will sink in deep to the depth of my soul. I truly need to learn whatever lesson I'm meant to learn so I can move on to better things. I'm not getting any younger nor am I living the life my soul intended for this lifetime. I need to get the hell out of here! Pronto!!!

Anyhow, this Christmas Eve, I will be reflecting on my year and counting the little blessings in my life. Despite not getting the very thing I've asked God for since January 2007 (two years!!!), I am truly grateful for the blessings in my life. I've had a lot of them this year. I feel like Forrest Gump in a lot of ways...for despite my low status in life and at work, I think I have a more incredible life than most people I know (including the management team at work). Whether its meeting famous people I've wanted to meet for years, or traveling to different places and seeing incredibly amazing things, having quite a few long-time friends, or just meeting new people and reconnecting with old friends...I have to say that life is amazing. So much of what I've wanted for years actually came true this year, so I'm hoping that the momentum is with me as our country goes through a big change in January.

I don't know if I told anyone this, but last year on my birthday, as I blew out the candles on my birthday cake, I prayed to God something along the lines of: "please, God, don't let me have another year like 2007. I don't think I can endure another year like it." I even said that if I was still working in the same place, I would jump off a bridge on my 37th birthday. Well...I did have another year like 2007 (while better than expected in my personal life, the horrible than desired working environment brings down my morale to dangerous levels of despair) and I'm still here. Don't worry...I won't be jumping off any bridges on my birthday (I just have a morbid sense of humour and absolutely love those "Bunny Suicides" cartoons!).

I owe it all to Barack Obama (love his photo above that I found in a Google search). So many people thought he'd never get elected. He still ran. And focused on the issues. And remained positive and full of hope. If he can endure all the character attacks thrown at him by the right and still have hope and then give the Republicans a major ass-whooping...then damn, I'm not going to let the negativity of my workplace get me down. They aren't going to push me into jumping off a bridge. This year, I have more hope in my future than I did last year. Yes I Can! isn't just Obama's mantra. It's mine too. I am going to get the hell out of that office next year. I will not allow this decade to end on a loss for me (the entire decade has been full of one loss after another for me--dream job; dream girl; car; three of my favourite relatives; income; dignity; another dream job; and the electoral defeat of three politicians I was passionate about--Gore, Dean, and Lewis). Besides, watching Obama make history is something I've dreamed of seeing since Nelson Mandela became president of South Africa.

A best friend of mine asked me what I wanted for Christmas. I told him, "a new job, a new job, a new job!" I know he can't deliver that one, even if we share the same name as the man in the red suit (oops...not that one! The other one, silly! You know...the one who laughs like a bowl full of jelly?). Anyhow, for Christmas, I seriously got two cool things: a President-elect Barack Obama and now, it does look like we will have a white Christmas after all. Who could ask for more than that? Maybe its another example of my ability to manifest an outcome (I wish!). I've been listening to Enya's And Winter Came... CD quite a bit, dreaming of a white Christmas season, and here we are!

I've heard a few co-workers grumble yesterday at work about all this snow and how they just want it to go away. What?!? I was shocked. You know how rare this is? The news reported that Portland hadn't had a winter storm this bad since 1968. It was so bad this past weekend that they had to close I-84 east of if anyone had to go east of Portland along the Columbia River, they were stuck in the Portland metro area. Also, all roads to the Oregon coast from Portland, Salem, and Eugene were closed as well. Most flights were cancelled for several days, making the holiday travel even more stressful since airlines had fully booked flights already. This weather has been crazy, but I guess I'm just the type who knows how to enjoy one of God's great gifts...a true appreciation for the power of mother nature.

I'm truly baffled to be among the minority who actually love this snow! Because this snowstorm is rare in Portland (and the years I lived in Atlanta), I'm enjoying it as much as I can because by this weekend, it's supposed to be melted away in our return to the normal rainy winter. Who knows when we might see snow like this again in Portland? It's a true winter wonderland so better enjoy it while it lasts.

Hope you enjoy Christmas Eve where ever you are (snow or not).

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Mandalynn said...

Inspirational post. You're right - there's a lot to look forward to in this upcoming year. Hope this one is better than the last for us all.