Monday, September 01, 2008

Did God Send Gustav?

I was going to post a Green Day music video for today's "Music Video Monday", but with Hurricane Gustav bearing down on the city of New Orleans, forcing people to evacuate the city to avoid a repeat of the post-Katrina fiasco, I thought it was appropriate to show readers of this blog how petty conservative Republicans are and to show what lengths they will go to for their political agenda. The video is of Focus on the Family's Stuart Shepard asking followers to pray for torrential rain to hit Denver directly over Invesco Field on the night of Obama's historic speech.

As we now know, God blessed that historic day with gorgeous weather. You couldn't ask for a better summer day. Why an evangelical would pray for God to rain on Obama's parade is bizarre. Again, it illustrates the seething jealousy of the right wing because they know how it looks when a candidate like Obama can fill a huge football stadium whereas their candidate couldn't pay 70,000+ people to see him give a speech.

Because conservative evangelicals tend to view natural disasters as God sending His vengeance upon us for disobeying our conservative leaders and their totalitarian dreams, it'll be interesting to see how they view Hurricane Gustav and it's coincidental sense of timing. Already, Bush and Cheney have cancelled their speeches for the Monday opening night of the Republican Convention, held at the other end of the Mississippi River from New Orleans. Just that alone seems to be a sign from God that He's reminding us of Bush's poor handling of Katrina three years ago. Whatever preparation Bush and FEMA makes now cannot make us forget the utter incompetence and indifference they showed three years ago. In fact, after Katrina hit, Bush's approval ratings sank below 50% and has never risen above 30% since. Katrina exposed Bush for the naked emperor he was. Even the media and Rove couldn't spin their way out of news footage of a great American city under water with its large numbers of impoverished African American residents stranded and left for dead.

So, after watching the video and thinking about how great the weather was for Obama's historic speech versus the Hurricane that dares to strike New Orleans the same day as the opening of the Republican Convention when their beloved president was set to give a does make you wonder. Maybe God did send this one as a warning to us all. Our country cannot afford another four years of Republican rule. The world needs our leadership again, not bumbling incompetence.

Religious people who follow everything Focus on the Family puts out...I hope you now realize that they are a sham organization. Looks like God isn't listening to their prayers, but perhaps doing the opposite of what they request. If God isn't answering their prayers, then maybe you ought to consider the idea that Focus on the Family doesn't speak for God at all. Maybe they are working for that other guy. You know...the one with the red suit.


Margie's Musings said...

Personally, I don't think God works that way, Nicholas. But I can see why you might look at it that way.

I don't believe God manipulates the weather any more then I think God manipulates us.

But it will be interesting to see what happens this time, won't it?

Sansego said...

I wrote that in jest. I don't believe God works that way either. I was knocking the beliefs of evangelicals who believe that way. Because if they truly believe that they can pray for rain to disrupt Obama's historic speech and believe that Katrina was sent by God to punish the sinners of New Orleans, how can they ignore the timing of this storm?

Margie's Musings said...

True...very true.