Saturday, August 23, 2008

Far From Lincoln

So, Barack Obama went with the most obvious and safest choice for a running mate: former two-time presidential contender Senator Joseph Biden of Delaware. I was a year old when he won his first election to Congress at the impressive age of 29. He lost a wife and child in a car accident and had to raise their young sons on his own. The two will appear together at the old State Capitol in Springfield, Illinois, where Lincoln once served. While the choice is understandable, the predictable ho-hum of it all is kind of disappointing. The two of them together look too much like a student with his mentor, which we've seen before...when Cheney named himself as Bush's running mate. However, I am confident that Biden will be nothing like Cheney, if he becomes our next Vice President.

I don't think it's cool that he lied a few days ago when he told reporters that he's "not that guy." Not even nominated and already caught lying!

The selection only proves how scripted and dull politics has become. Safe is preferred over bold. Clinton selecting Gore as a running mate was unprecedented and exciting. The selection of Biden is predictably dull. I'm already bored writing about it, so moving on...

How about that McCain? A few days ago, he was asked how many houses he owned and he couldn't answer it without referring to his staff! What does that tell you?

Must be nice to marry a super rich bitch and major hottie, able to buy SEVEN homes (granted, a few condos are where his children live) places like Coronado, California; Phoenix; the ranch in Sedona (with two guest houses) and in Virginia.

What I take issue with is that he supposedly prides himself on his blunt honesty, but he couldn't answer a simple question? Did he NOT know how many houses he owned? Or was he too embarrassed to say how many homes he owned, knowing full well that his party made issue of John Kerry's multiple residences in 2004? Now I know why McCain and Kerry got along so famously: both are Vietnam Veterans who married rich heiresses (Cindy McCain to her father's Beer distribution company fortune; Teresa Heinz Kerry to her deceased first husband's ketchup company fortune). And both flubbed the question about houses and SUVs.

It's funny to hear Republicans call Obama a rich elitist. Um...he's a mixed race guy from a lower middle class background who won a scholarship to Columbia University and then went to Harvard Law School. He was most definitely NOT a legacy kid to the Ivy league. But, because he eats arugula, shops at Whole Foods, and lives in a million dollar mansion in a good Chicago neighbourhood, somehow he's the elitist?

Compare with Senator McCain who followed his grandfather and father's footsteps to the Naval Academy and a career in the U.S. Navy. His grandfather and father were the only father-son Admirals in U.S. Navy history. His career was cut short due to five years as a prisoner of war in Vietnam, so there was no way he'd make admiral. Instead, he got the political bug as a Naval aide in D.C. to a politician. Then he dumped his disfigured first wife for a hot, young heiress to a multi-million dollar fortune. She and her daddy bought him a seat to Congress and eventually a Senate vacancy opened up, where he's served ever since.

Let's be real here. The days when a humble background a la Lincoln and his log cabin upbringing and learning the law from some old discarded law books he discovered in a barrel are long gone. In American politics, you basically have to be rich to run for governor, the Senate, and especially the presidency. Even running for a two year term in the House of Representatives requires major cash. So, let's be honest...poor people don't serve in political office because the system is stacked against it.

It's disingenuous of Republicans to call a Democrat elitist, especially someone like Obama, who got everything by his own talents and a bit of luck. I thought Republicans preferred black people to pull themselves up by their own bootstraps instead of going on welfare. At least, that's what they claim when the black person is Clarence Thomas, Colin Powell, Alan Keyes, or Condoleezza Rice.

If McCain picks Romney as many media outlets are claiming, it will be a ticket of multi-millionaires with their megamansions. They make John Edwards look like a pauper! So, I hope they cut the "common man" bullshit because that's what it is. Republican politicians are richer than most Americans can ever dream of being. For them to deny who they are is insulting. And if they are so ashamed of being rich, then give it away!

I found it interesting that McCain told Reverend Rick Warren that he considered a person wealthy if they had more than $5 million! Damn...and here I was thinking that if you make more than $200,000, you're rich in my eyes (especially when I'm struggling to find a job that pays $30,000). I'm sick of all these rich people pretending to be non-elitist.

John, I admire you, but you are a rich mo-fo and don't deny it. If you're ashamed of your wealth, then send me $50,000. I could certainly put it to good use. But you lose credibility when you compare Obama to Britney Spears (who is a blind Bush supporter who told reporters that Americans should just believe everything Bush says because he's the president and he'd never lie to us) and Paris Hilton, and accuse him of being an elitist. In my opinion, it's hard to picture any African American as an elitist because they have been denied political power for most of our nation's history. And if Obama wins the presidency, the Senate...that most exclusive club in the world...will once again be without a single black Senator. Who's the true elitist, Mr. Many Mansions? Better take a long look in that cracked mirror of yours.


Margie's Musings said...

I'm not surprised about Biden. he has the experience that Obama lacks. But, you're right! It's definitely dullsville.

Sansego said...

No one's surprised that it was Biden! It was the safest, blandest choice Obama could make.

I've read from several sources that McCain is selecting Romney, and that choice is also pretty dull. Where's the boldness of choosing someone the media hasn't already selected?

If McCain is smart, he'll pick Colin Powell or Christie Todd Whitman. If he wants to lose the evangelical vote, he might as well pick Romney.