Saturday, June 21, 2008

Scenes from Sunny San Diego

As promised, here are some photos from my visit with the Hagmans in San Diego over Memorial Day weekend. Above is a family picture of Lisa, Nathan, and little Ean. I'm not sure what that line is above Nathan's head. It wasn't there when I took the picture, so I'll be doing some "spiritual research" to see if there is an other-worldly explanation to it (like a flattened orb, an odd aura or something).

Here's Nathan in his backyard, playing with Chelsea (the German Shepherd) and Myra (the Komondor). One thing I loved about Myra is seeing her run because her dredlocks look really cool when she's running. She's very rastafarian, I think. And adoreable. Having a dog like her is guaranteed to get a lot of attention. I noticed that when Nathan and I took her to the vet and watched people stare.

Ean at the beach in La Jolla.

I hope this is not a foretelling of a future career! Ean loved being behind bars! I like how the light seems to shine down on him, like he's being blessed by God's favour. I told Nathan that I hope Ean will be president someday.

Nathan, Ean, and I at the LDS Temple grounds in La Jolla. I'm hoping that in a few years, Ean will serve as the ring-bearer at my wedding. But, I have a feeling that's still about three years away. First to find a better paying job before I re-enter the dating pool.

This is probably my favourite LDS temple. It has a unique and very cool design. Of course, we couldn't go in, being the heathen renegades that we are!

A building at Balboa Park. I thought it looked cool and I liked the angle of the sun.

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