Saturday, May 17, 2008

Republican Boehner Will Dick America

After three special elections to fill seats vacated by Republicans in Congressional districts that overwhelmingly voted for Bush in 2004 (in former Speaker Hastert's Illinois district; in a Louisiana district held by a Republican for 30 years; and in Mississippi in which the Democrat was demonized for his personal ties to Obama and Wright), the writing is on the wall: 2008 is shaping up to be a TIDAL WAVE of a landslide for Democrats that we haven't seen since 1932 when Republicans were blamed for the misery of do-nothing President Hoover in reaction to the stock market crash of 1929 and the ensuing Great Depression. Republicans have lost three special elections in recent months.

This comes on top of a large mass of retirements by Republican politicians after their terms expire in January. Some pundits have said that the mass of retirements was a reflection of the 2006 mid-term election in which the Republicans finally lost power after 12 abusive years of scandals (exposing them for the hypocrites they truly are). No one wants to be in the minority party in Congress. When the Democrats took control of Congress, Boehner had the gall to suggest that Democrats be gracious in leadership roles...whereas Republicans in the Bush era showed no such grace during their years in power. Karmic retribution truly is a bitch, so seeing the Repugs cry crocodile tears was just icing on the cake of political victory.

What will also contribute to the huge losses of Republicans in Congress is that more Republican Senators are up for reelection this year than Democratic ones, due in large part to the nasty little election known as 2002, when Bush made it a referendum on patriotism and his desire to bring war to Iraq. It was one of the most demoralizing elections I've personally witnessed...especially as I lived in Georgia at the time and saw disgusting ads portraying the only handicapped Senator (Max Cleland had lost three of his limbs in Vietnam as a young man) as an ally of Osama bin Laden and Saddam Hussein. The ad was run by challenger Saxby Chambliss who failed to serve in Vietnam himself. It's just one of many reasons why I absolutely hate the Republican party. People might accuse me of bias but I'm proud of that fact because when you're faced with a ruthless party completely lacking in common decency and morality, there's no choice. Democrats are no where near perfect or as courageous as I'd like, but overall, Democrats do run clean campaigns that focus on issues instead of character assassinations with no basis in facts.

So, this year is like sweet vindication for that dark year of 2002. It truly is karmic retribution that Republicans are running scared in fear of their Bush-loving voting record (such as Oregon's congenial Senator Gordon Smith who has voted consistently for what Bush wanted yet now wants to pretend that he's a moderate and independent). I love that so many Republicans have already seen the writing on the wall and decided that they really don't want to be in Congress anymore. They're more than willing to crawl back to their huge salaries and pensions on Wall Street and leave governing to those who are actually quite competent and passionate about it: Democrats!

However, I did read an article online about Congressman Boehner's (feel free to pronounce his name the way its spelled rather than his claim of "BAY-ner") Karl Rovian idea that what the Republicans need to do is "re-branding." This is their ticket to victory in November! That he actually believes his own bullshit is shocking. Actually, I keep forgetting that this is a Republican we're talking about. They make it too easy to make fun of them! Their complete lack of understanding about what's going on in America is proof of their ideological blindness and elitist attitudes. I have it on good authority that re-branding doesn't often work. Remember "New Coke"? Didn't think so. When I lived in Atlanta, I was shocked and furious that Atlanta paid millions upon millions to an ad agency (in New York, if I remember correctly) to come up with a new brand for Atlanta in which to use in tourist ads. What did Atlanta get for the several million dollar waste of taxpayer money? A hurricane-like red dot with the letters ATL in white and a blandly boring slogan ("Every day is an opening day"). It bombed. Children in elementary school could've come up with something better if they had put out a contest. And they could've allocated the millions to reward the school with the winning design.

Re-branding is a trend that many cities have followed but I had the feeling that it was little more than some ad agency's scheme to rake in millions of dollars from city and state coffers. Therefore it's not surprising that Republicans now see that as their salvation from a political tsunami that's due to hit them hard in November. Republicans haven't met a corporate scheme they didn't like. Anything to fleece people out of their tax allocations for more important things, right? Forget schools and roads and bridges. Let's Re-Brand!

As if that weren't galling enough, you have to appreciate the complete lack of self awareness to hear Boehner's idea for the Republicans to run on. How he can look at himself in the mirror is a mystery. He's so vacant between his ears that you have to wonder if he's actually a machine without a soul. Here's his idea for what Republicans need to run on to win this fall: Republicans will change Washington!!!

Isn't that crazy? Aren't you just rolling on the floor, dying of laughter right now? They actually believe that Americans will blame Democrats for everything that has gone wrong over the past seven years. They think Americans are that moronic, that stupid, to fall for it one more time. I just don't see that happening. Historically, right wing economic policies no matter what country you look at is disasterous for the nation's well-being. There's a reason for that. When you have a kleptocratic government that robs the public treasury to fatten the bank accounts of their corporate and oligarchal backers, who have off-shore accounts in which to avoid paying taxes...the middle class ends up paying higher and higher costs to fund government until it gets to the painful point where they don't take it anymore. Character assassination attempts didn't work against Clinton in 1992 and he ran against a president who once had over 90% approval ratings during the Gulf War in 1991. When economy is the prime issue, character attacks don't work. When Americans are hurting financially, they'll vote for the candidate who offers workable solutions rather than character attacks.

The only way Republicans can hope to win means that something bad will have to happen (a terrorist attack). But even that is risky because it might only remind voters how bad Republicans managed the aftermath of tragedy on 9/11 and when Katrina hit. A terrorist attack might even be a desperate Republican "deus-ex-machina" to save them from humiliating defeat. I have faith that whatever happens (which I hope nothing like that will), Americans have wised up to the lies of Republicans. They can run from their records, but they can't hide. No amount of "re-branding" can ever cover up the stench of their shit. It's merely putting perfume on a pig.

If Americans want a re-branded image of Republicans, how about the blue pill? Yeah, that pill. Think of it this way...if you vote Republican in November, Boehner and his buddies are on the blue pill and prepared to dick us for another four years even though we're beyond exhausted and wanting to call the doctor because the blue pill is lasting longer than the four years it's supposed to work.

In other absurd Republican news, Bush recently revealed that he supposedly gave up golf in 2003 out of respect to the mothers who lost their children in the Iraq War. He claims that he was concerned for their feelings and how it looked to have a president out playing golf while servicemembers were dying in Iraq.

You know what I think is the real reason? I think it's a combination of how the image showed up...such as the infamous scene in "Fahrenheit 9/11" where he's talking about a foreign policy crisis, and then in the next breath without skipping a beat, he tells reporters: "now watch this drive!" That made him look pretty shallow. But even more damning are all the footage of him doing horribly on the golf course. His incompetence was too visible and maybe he could no longer find golfing buddies who are expected to "let him win" (Barbara Bush has mentioned that her son had a tendency as a child to keep playing the game until he won, even when his friends grew bored or unwilling to play anymore).

It's just one more lie out of this president's mouth. Remember: Every lie you tell brings you closer to hell!

The more outrageous controversy of late is that Bush had the bad sense to condemn the Democratic nominee for president in the Israeli Knesset as an appeaser to Hitler because he thinks he can negotiate with our "enemies." This breaks with political tradition in our country that the president doesn't speak against the opposition party when out of the country (just as is the case that Congress doesn't criticize the president when he's out of the country, though Republicans often did this during Clinton's administration). I agree with one editorial I read in which Bush's words were (and should be considered) treasonous.

More than that, however, is that I wish someone would point out to that Yale history major: Oh, we don't appease our enemies? You mean like your dad, who made agreements with Iran to continue to keep the American hostages until President Carter was defeated in 1980? Or maybe like Reagan, who arranged a weapons for hostages program with Iran in the 1980s? Talking with enemy leaders is "appeasement" but it's perfectly okay to sell our enemies weapons that can be used against us...or to have them continue to hold American citizens hostage to affect a presidential election?

Does anyone still wonder why I'm not, nor ever will be, a Republican? You just can't make this shit up! They are so hypocritical and morally blind that I truly do worry about their salvation, especially when they pretend to be religious while betraying Christ in their every action.

The only thing I want to see Boehner dick is Bush. They deserve one another.


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