Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Introducing the Next Mayor of Portland's official! In a field of 13 candidates (including 21 year old Kyle Burris, the slacker who garnered some 340 votes), Commissioner Sam Adams cleared a major hurdle and won 58% of the vote when all the ballots were tallied. That's a huge victory over rival Sho Dozono, who earned about 33% of the vote.

With his stunning victory, Adams promises to work hard for the city of Portland. He also joked that he will put Portland to work as well. In his victory speech, he thanked family, friends, volunteers, and especially his staff, whom he acknowledged that there's only one thing tougher than being a city commissioner and that's being a staff member of a city commissioner.

Since he is a well-known policy wonk who often puts in 18 hour days and seven days a week, he's just the energetic and outgoing politician we need for our city. The victory was sweet. I haven't felt this happy over a political victory since Barack Obama won the U.S. Senate race in 2004. This is a great day for Portland.

Huge kudos go out to campaign manager Jennifer Yocom, who is now two for two on campaigns won under her managerial leadership. Maybe she should be making Phil Busse's campaign manager salary (he's the one who was paid $25,000 for three months work on a campaign that apparently has come in third place and out of contention for the run-off). In the months I've known Jennifer and worked for her as a volunteer, she always had a great smile and sense of humour. She was an absolute joy to work for and I love the energy she brings across in everything she does. Here's hoping that she'll be on Adams staff. If she's a die hard campaigner, any campaign out there would be wise to snatch her up if they really want to win.

Sam Adams talking with a supporter at his party at the Jupiter Hotel in Portland last night (May 20th). I did not take any of these photos (I lifted them from a Google search because I'm shameless like that...but mostly because I don't have a digital camera and take forever to develop my rolls of film).

In the City Commissioner race for position one (Sam's seat), there were six candidates running and thankfully Amanda Fritz didn't clear the 50% +1 hurdle, so she faces a run-off with the second highest vote earner, which is CHARLES LEWIS by a mere 610 votes over third place finisher John Branam. Whew! However, he's 30,000 votes behind Amanda and that's a lot of people, considering that Lewis won some 13,000 votes (12.5%). He certainly has his work cut out for him. It's do-able, though, because three of the male candidates were running neck and neck in the 10-12% margin with several hundred votes difference between the three of them. With Amanda as the only female in the race, it looks like voters were split on her main three rivals, so getting better name recognition for the November election is going to be crucial.

I'm happy to be able to devote my free time to another campaign to help another great guy get elected to City Council. I'm already excited about Sam's leadership starting in January and now it's time to help elect a great city commissioner to fill his old seat. Charles Lewis is that person. You'll probably hear more about him (through my blog) in the next six months.


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