Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Decision Day in Oregon

Barack Obama addressing the multitudes in Portland on Sunday, May 18th. Who says he's not patriotic?

View from the grandstand

So, this is what 60,000 people look like! That's how many made it into the fenced off area by the time Obama made it to the stage. There was an additional 12,000 still in line at 2:30 for many blocks downtown. Like I said...I've never seen anything like this in my life. You'd think it was the second coming of Jesus or something.

This is Portland. The Obama event was held in that grassy "knoll" area you see in the middle left of the picture (between the boat marina and the closest bridge you see).

That's a tiny space for so many people. And yes, it was too crowded. I got crushed at one point in my attempt to get closer to shake Obama's hand after the speech. I barely got close enough to glimpse his face for a brief second.

So, today is the day Oregonians finally get to have their say in the Democratic Primary. Well, also the Republican one since Ron Paul is still on the ballot...but I haven't seen the obnoxious Ron Paul supporters around town in months. They kind of disappeared like the "9/11 Truth" people. I'm so glad that the election turned out to be longer than pundits predicted. They thought it would all be over on Tsunami Tuesday back in February. We were a mere afterthought. Ha ha. I love it when pundits are wrong and they've been consistently wrong all year.

That's why I don't worry too much about people saying that America is still a racist country that won't vote for a black man for president. Gee...what America are they living in? Most of the rap music cds are bought by white suburban kids. Will Smith is one of the most bankable actors in Hollywood. He can even make crappy movies ("Hitch") into hundred million dollar hits. Michael Jordan was the most popular athlete during his time. The younger generation (Generation X and the Millennials) are not as hung up on race as the Boomers are...and it is the Boomer pundits that keep harping on the racial issue. This could be the election that inspires young people to vote en masse. It's amazing to see the turn-out already in primaries all over the country. Democrats have broken records in state after state in terms of new voters, voter turn out, fundraising, campaign volunteers. It's completely phenomenal.

The Republicans are running scared because they have no ideas. They can't even keep up with the amount of money Democrats have raised. The only way they can win is playing the race card, but I don't think it will work this time around. Destiny is with Obama. Consider it karmic retribution against the forces of darkness that got rid of King and Kennedy forty years ago. Political eras generally last between thirty and fifty years. The pendulum swings back and forth. This year is the end of forty years of Republican misrule. We are coming out of the wilderness into a new era. Cynical naysayers had their chance to lead, now they need to step aside and let someone else take the leadership reigns.

Here's to an exciting evening watching the poll results. I plan to visit two political parties. I love nights like this! I guess you can say that I live for politics.

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