Saturday, May 10, 2008

Bush Lovin': Why We're Never Gonna Get It!

In honour of Jenna Bush's wedding today, I wanted to post a few pictures on her dad's "unique relationships" with other men. For someone who pretends to be a macho cowboy/frat boy, he sure loves to hold hands and make strange faces with other men. I wonder what Laura and Condoleezza think of that?!?

Bush loves those Saudi oil princes. Then again, who wouldn't love a sugar daddy with billions in the bank?

Okay, so Bono is like, God, okay? Who doesn't like him? But come on, Bono! Surely you have better tastes than that!!!

French President Nicolas Sarkozy is supposedly a huge fan of America and is closer to the political right than his predecessors Jacques Chirac and Francois Mitterand. He even has his own sex scandals involving ex-wives and mistresses who tend to be models and singers. Maybe that's why Bush admires him so much. The French do have that "je ne sais quoi" quality that intrigues people.

The rest of the photos reveal Bush's odd effect on McCain. Maybe it's his confidence and macho posturing that simply turns McCain into a quivering schoolgirl. Man, if there's any reason to admire Bush for anything, it is his ability to turn a war hero Navy pilot into an emotional wreck whenever they happen to meet. What the heck is going on between these two men anyway? With the past few years of gay sex scandals emanating from the Republican party, it does make you wonder about these two. After all, usually it's the loudest homophobic people who are the ones probably hiding something.

Aren't they sweet together?

This is the oddest photo I've ever come across between the two men. I hope that it will be aired, reaired, and aired again ad nauseum in campaign ads round the clock between Labour Day and Election Day. If the Democrats want to win in the Fall, they need to MARRY the two Republican politicians in the public's mind. This is what Republican Civil Unions look like, folks! They're here, they're queer...get used to it!

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