Thursday, November 08, 2007

The Verdict Is In

Yep, the verdict is in. It's what I've always suspected and now we have it...Pat Robertson is a true politician and hardly the religious leader he likes to pretend to be. But, I've always known that because his views were so biased (Israel can do no wrong in its treatment of Palestinians, yet for all his pro-Israel stance, he still has a hardline on Jews. He often has to correct himself when he claims that this is a Christian nation, by amending it with "a Judeo-Christian nation"), his claims were far out there (like how he claimed that God told him that Bush would win in a landslide in 2004; or how he had leg pressed a weight amount that no bodybuilder had ever been recorded as accomplishing), and for calling on the assassination of world leaders like Hugo Chavez of Venezuela, who despite what American politicians might think of him...he was popularly elected and reelected by the people of Venezuela.

Of course Pat Robertson is a politician, you might be saying. After all, he ran for president in 1988 and won the Iowa Caucus before losing out to George Herbert Walker Bush. No, I had no doubts that he was more politician than minister.

But his endorsement of New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani is very enlightening and anyone who sincerely calls himself or herself an "evangelical Christian" (which I most certainly am not) should question Pat Robertson if they have not done so already. Such an endorsement says a lot about Pat Robertson, who has often spoke on abortion being an evil that must end through a constitutional ban or codified into law; as well as being against gay marriage or any other rights. Yet, even though these are two issues he seems most passionate about, isn't it interesting how willing he is to overlook all that to endorse a candidate who holds opposite views as him? That's the mark of a true politician, not someone of principle. His willingness to chuck the two most important issues he has spoken endlessly on tells me that he is very afraid of the specter of a President Hillary Rodham Clinton, whom I'm sure he believes would be the anti-Christ or something of that nature. That's the only reason why he endorsed Giuliani, because he doesn't think the other Republicans have a chance of beating her.

I admit that I was a little surprised by his endorsement. I had read that he had been meeting with Mitt Romney and I actually thought he might endorse him, even though I'm well aware of his view of Mormonism (he had once advised anyone considering marrying a Mormon that they would get "Satan as a father-in-law."). I thought Robertson was so in thrall of the Bush family that he would endorse Romney, who is supposedly a family friend of the Bush family. But, it's interesting that Robertson isn't willing to overlook something like one's Mormon faith, yet on the two issues he's most passionate about, he's willing to chuck aside for the chance of electoral victory. Such an endorsement only makes a President Hillary more attractive to me, because I'm hoping that Robertson will have a fatal heart attack on January 20th, 2009 if that moment arrives.

John McCain is supposedly shocked that Robertson chose Giuliani over him, but should he be surprised? In 2000, he had called Robertson an "agent of intolerance" in the same breath as Jerry Falwell, Louis Farrakhan, and Al Sharpton. Why McCain would want Robertson's endorsement is another baffling aspect of the "new John McCain." He did, however, get the endorsement of his Senate colleague, Sam Brownback, who had dropped out of the presidential race for lack of support. That leaves Governor Mike Huckabee, the only true evangelical in the race. Why he didn't get Robertson's endorsement would be a mystery if we believed Robertson was sincere in his religious beliefs. But since we know that Robertson is a politician masquerading as a religious leader, we know why Giuliani got his endorsement.

Despite the endorsement, I think Giuliani has too many liabilities...even more than Hillary Clinton. Giuliani was kind of unpopular as Mayor until 9/11 raised his profile and he was branded "America's Mayor." In a few political science classes, I learned about what is known as the "rally around the flag effect", meaning that citizens generally rally around leaders during times of crisis. In essence, had Hillary been Mayor of New York on 9/11, she'd see an increase in popularity too. It has little to do with the person than the circumstance. It's a shallow way of judging leadership, but it works more often than not. One would have to be seriously incompetent to mess that up.

Historically, no one has ever went from being a mayor to president. Generally and historically, the only ones who became president were either Governors, Generals, Senators, or Vice Presidents. It's too big of a leap from running a city (granted, America's largest city) to running the country, without experiencing the Governor's office or the Senate's office in between.

If Giuliani were to become president, I will most likely see about leaving the country. I think he would be much worse than Bush. Worse because he's promoting the neo-conservative agenda of eternal war in the Middle East and he's much more competent than Bush. Every night, I actually thank God for Bush's incompetence, because its our saving grace as a nation. Had Bush been more competent, we would've secured Iraq early on and then rolled into Syria and Iran. Under a President Giuliani, our nation would come closer to a police state with surveillance of American citizens, possible concentration camps for dissenters and people of Arab heritage or of the Islamic faith, and we'll most likely start a war against Iran to complete the neo-con agenda of having a military garrison in all the oil producing nations of the Middle East so we can put the pressure on China, which would make the Cold War look like child's play.

What can one say about Giuliani? I think the most telling thing is that his son absolutely hates him and his daughter is supporting Barack Obama for President. Awhile ago, when Jenna Bush was on TV promoting her book and talking about her experience as "First Daughter", when she spoke about her father, I was impressed by the love she had for him. You could see it in her eyes and hear it in her voice. Though I dislike him intensely, it was touching to see that his daughter truly loves her father. So, what does it take for a parent to end up with children who can't stand you? Whatever accomplishments one achieves in life, if you mess up on raising your children, can you really consider yourself a success? Jacqueline Kennedy didn't think so. And if Giuliani's children don't like him and are supporting other candidates, why should the American people be forced to have him for president? After the sheen of 9/11 is stripped away, Americans will realize that Rudy Giuliani is truly an asshole and one unlikeable son of a bitch. He will make us miss President Bush in ways we cannot fathom now. Mark my words. You've been forewarned!

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