Thursday, November 01, 2007

Happy All Saints Day!

In honour of this supposedly "religious holiday", I decided to challenge the Catholic Church's authority to claim "saints" for beatification. Sometimes, I think the reason they created "sainthood" was to replace the polytheism of the Romans, who prayed to various gods for various reasons. Instead of becoming gods through mythology, the Roman Catholic Church downgraded it to sainthood, where people can pray to the various saints to grant them special blessings or to act as a liason with God. So, in the spirit of that, here are the people I consider my "saints":

Jack Kerouac
Patron Saint of Literature and Roadtrips
Favourite quote: "I'm just waiting for God to show his face."

Mohandas Gandhi
Patron Saint of Nonviolence
Favourite Quote: "I don't like Christians. They are so unlike your Christ."

The Dalai Lama
Patron Saint of Good Humour
Just listen to him laugh and you'll understand why. He's very "impish"!

Nelson Mandela
Patron Saint of Forgiveness
Favourite Quote: "The sun shall never set on so glorious a human achievement."

Martin Luther King, Jr.
Patron Saint of Courage
Favourite Quote: "The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands during moments of comfort and convenience, but during times of challenge and controversy."

Nicholas Smith
Patron Saint of Birthdays
He's the only one of my friends who remembers my birthday. How cool is that?

Pon Carroll
Patron Saint (Period)
That's my favourite photo of my mom. She is a true saint, always sacrificing for other people, a servant of God. My favourite quote of hers deals with her technique of not getting involved with fights my brother and I had growing up. She would simply say: "One of you will end up dead and the other in prison." Since neither option was attractive to me, it did encourage me to try the diplomatic tact. But to this day, I think that phrase is brilliant!


Mandalynn said...

I loved this post - Great quotes.

j janell cf said...

this is one of my favorite posts of yours nick. and i agree with many of your saints. you know josh just finished martin luther king jr.s biography, and is now reading mandelas long walk to freedom. cool huh? and one of the most inspirational books i've ever read is ghandi's autobiography "the story of my expirements with truth." following that i also read his biography and loved it. he is amazing. you know, i love being in school, but miss being able to read.
and i liked seeing the picture of your mom. i can see the resemblance!

Sansego said...

I read both Mandela's and Gandhi's autobiographies when I got out of the Navy. I liked Mandela's more. Gandhi's was good, but the style of writing was much older, so it was hard to maintain my interests.

I think it's cool that Josh is reading those books. He is so different from the image I had of him before we met. My image of a business major type is a frat boy capitalist who isn't interested in the developing world issues or international leaders. I'm glad that Josh is so open-minded and cultured. But I should've known that you would only marry someone deep and able to keep up with your knowledge and interests!

When I was in school, I often read the books I wanted to read INSTEAD of the required readings. I remember reading these books in class instead of the lecture: "Locked in the Cabinet", "What Dreams May Come", "All Too Human" by Stephanopoulos, and "Monica's Story."