Sunday, October 07, 2007

McCain Got Religion

What's up with McCain's "new found faith"? Is it sincere or is he just trying to win the Republican nomination? Whatever happened to the admirable maverick Senator who tells it like he sees it, who named his 2000 campaign bus "The Straight Talk Express"? Now, he's busy practicing his manlove with Bush, Robertson, and even Falwell before that "agent of intolerance" passed away earlier this year.

Who can forget 2000? After trouncing Bush in New Hampshire by 19 points, the Bush team fought back hard and dirty in South Carolina by spreading rumours that McCain had a baby with a black prostitute, that he was brainwashed by Commies while he was a POW in North Vietnam for 5 years, and that he was mentally unstable and his wife was addicted to drugs. Is there any lie that Bush won't touch?

Unfortunately, the lies worked, helped along by Bob Jones (the unaccredited university for fundamentalist Christians who weren't even allowed to date interracially), Pat Robertson, and Jerry Falwell. It says something about a person's moral fiber and "spirituality" that they are willing to character assassinate someone with lies, passing along false info to their beloved followers who believe whatever their Reverent tells them, because the Reverent is supposedly "tight with God". In response to the nasty push-polling phone calls, McCain called Falwell and Robertson (as well as Fahrakkhan and Sharpton on the left) on the carpet with the epithet: "agents of intolerance." It was widely known that McCain has never been a darling of the Religious Reich.

Why not? A genuine war hero, a POW in an unpopular war, a son and grandson of Navy Admirals, McCain as a young man did what I can attest so many young sailors have done...drunkenness and carousing with an endless parade of women. The whole cliche of a sailor. The cool thing about McCain is that he never disowned his past or tried to make himself out to be pious like so many "born-again Christians." He was pretty tolerant and understanding that people experience life in all its splendor and never got judgmental about it (like, the way Bush continually criticized Clinton's moral lapses as though he had a pristine past of his own, which we all know that he didn't, what with the DUIs, cocaine, and premarital sex). McCain always seemed to be a live and let live kind of conservative, the kind I admired when I was in the Navy. If you have a past, own it and don't condemn others for doing what you once did. That's the hallmark of a hypocrite. They hate people who do what they once did and feel a need to raise a moral objection without self-awareness.

Now, McCain, in a desperate attempt to win the Republican nomination, he's willing to sell his soul to the likes of Pat Robertson, even going so far as to get baptized in the Baptist Church (he is from the Episcopalian church, if I'm not of those elite, mainline churches of the establishment class). A week ago, he even made some very inaccurate statements, claiming that the U.S. Constitution did in fact establish the United States as a "Christian nation". Where the heck in that sacred document is one mention of God or even Jesus?!? There is no reference to deity in that document. What Constitution has McCain been reading? Perhaps he was privileged to be shown the Constitution that Pat Robertson has written with plans to unveil when we become a Theocracy.

At any rate, I have a hard time believing that McCain's "conversion" is real. From what I know about seems like a desperate attempt to gain favour of the people he needs in order to realize his ambition and dream to become our next president. It's a tragic end to his political career, as I don't think those people are buying his conversion story and it's all for naught. Had McCain won the nomination in 2000, I believe he probably would've beaten Gore decisively (no Florida fiasco) and have been a great president. But, like Gore, it simply wasn't meant to be and his time has clearly passed. Now, he is hurting his entire legacy by chasing after the very people who ruined his chances in 2000 and will never support him in 2008. It begs the question..."what the hell happened?" If I ever get to meet him again, that's the question I would ask of him. He's smarter than to fall into the trap Robertson has laid out for him. So perhaps it's more humane to think of the possibility that old age has finally crept up to him and he has forgotten just how vicious the people he's courting can be towards people they despise. McCain is too forgiving. The Christian Reich don't deserve him or his magnanimous sense of forgiveness for what they did to him in 2000.

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